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LeAnn Rimes Shows Off New Haircut By Celebrity Stylist Chris McMillan

13 Jun Leann-Rimes-new-hair-cut-203848

LeAnn Rimes stepped out in Los Angeles and showed off a new haircut as she left a hair salon on June 11. The 28-year-old American singer and actress LeAnn Rimes looked fresh and stylish with her new shorter and layered hair style.

Newlywed LeAnn Rimes got her long blond hair chopped by celeb stylist Chris McMillan, who is also hairstylist of Jennifer Aniston.

Soon after leaving the salon, LeAnn tweeted: “Total new haircut! Love it! Thx my dear Chris McMillan for taking four inches off! I’m a new woman!!!’

LeAnn was all smiles while debuting her new choppy bob style hairdo as she walked back to her car from Chris McMillan salon. She was looking fab in casual ensemble including white top, blush pink blazer and skinny jeans accessorized with fringed bag and cool sunglasses.

What do you think of LeAnn’s new haircut hit or miss?



Celebrity Hair: Oprah Winfrey’s Hairstyles Through The Years

25 May Oprah-Hairsytles-193848

She may be known as the Queen of All Media, but Oprah Winfrey is just as famous for her ever-changing hairstyles. From curls to short bobs, the talk show titan continuously keeps her fans guessing. Flashback through the years to see her many styles.

Celebrity Hair: Dianna Agron Cut’s Off Her Long Blonde Locks

12 May Dianna-Agrons-New-Haircut-029391

We’ve always loved Dianna Agron’s (Quinn) flowing blonde locks, but it looks like the actress was ready for a bit of a change! Having just wrapped Season 2 of Glee, Dianna jumped into stylist Theodore Leaf’s chair to get her long, blonde hair chopped off.

Want to see the new look for yourself? You can watch the haircut as it happens in this video Dianna posted to her Tumblr on May 12. Then check out this photo of the final result, and let us know: Does Dianna’s hair look better long and girly or sexy and short?

Celebrity/ Newsroom

Celebrity Style: Check Out Jennifer Aniston’s New Haircut

17 Apr Jennifer-Aniston-New-Haircut-2011

The A-list actress stepped out at a photo call for her new movie, Just Go With It, sporting a swinging cut several inches shorter than the signature long layers she’s had for the last several years.

Despite the fact that Aniston’s new hairstyle is bound to garner attention from her fans, she admits the so-called ‘Rachel’ cut of the nineties is something she’d rather forget.

“How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen,” she told US Allure magazine. “What I really want to know is, how did that thing have legs?”

The cut was originally created by Aniston’s current hairstylist Chris McMillian, who Aniston jokingly refers to as “the bane of (her) existence” for starting the trend.


What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s new haircut?

Hair Trend: Go Bold For Spring 2011 With Baby Blonde Hair!

14 Apr Baby-Blonde-Hair-193848

Baby-blonde hair may be all the rage, but it’s not for everyone. According to Marie Robinson, who counts Emma Stone, Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams among her pale-tressed clients, “It works best on women who are at least halfway there to begin with, and they need touch-ups every four weeks.”

That said, its brightening effect on the skin is well worth the effort. “It’s rejuvenating,” says Chelsey Pickthorn, the Orlo Salon colorist who coaxed the model Abbey Lee Kershaw’s locks to the perfect platinum.

“But you really need to assess the hair’s condition before starting and then proceed slowly, with great care.”


These colorists specialize in natural-looking hues.

Zoe Wiepert/Bumble and Bumble

Wiepert — the colorist most requested by Bumble and Bumble’s own employees — is known for her blonde, which can run the gamut from low-brow (she colors a few of the New York Knicks city dancers) to high (literally: Wiepert bleached models’ brows for the fall ’11 Thakoon show).

Bb. Uptown Salon

146 East 56th Street

New York, NY 10022

(212) 521-6500

Reyad Fritas/Frederic Fekkai

The natural-looking shades created by Fritas using balayage has earned him regulars like Diane von Furstenberg and Heidi Klum and made him the go-to corrective colorist for a number of model agencies including Elite and Ford.

712 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10019

(212) 753-9500

Simone Pearl Magano/Serge Normant at John Frieda

Magano grew up in the West Village and trained under Marie Robinson. She comes from an art background (having attended Parsons the New School for Design for two years) but her specialty — platinum — calls for a decent knowledge of chemistry: “I’m one of the few colorists who likes to do double-process blondes,” she says.

825 Washington Street

New York, NY 10014

(between Gansevoort and Little West 12th Streets)

(212) 675-0001

Joe Martino/Chelsea Pickthorn/Orlo Salon

Martino, who was responsible for Michelle Williams’s cut, color and extensions for “Blue Valentine,” mixes techniques, including “free-hand, hair painting, foiling, even applying bleach with fingers,” to a customized effect. His colleague Chelsea Pickthorn is known for her light hues, but is also a master of corrective color thanks to a stint working in the Middle East.

34 Gansevoort Street, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10014

(between Hudson and Greenwich Streets)

(212) 242-3266

Kimberly Cannon/Marie Robinson Salon

Cannon got her start working at her older sister’s salon in Philadelphia at just 14 years old. She’s since made the salon rounds, with stints at Ted Gibson and Serge Normant at John Frieda. Cannon colors using foils and balayage, and specializes in red, for which she looks to the many redheads in her family for inspiration.

155 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor

(between 21st and 22nd Streets)

(212) 358-7780

Rose Byrne Kicks Off Fashion Week With Fringe Bangs

16 Feb Rose-Byrne-Gala-NewYork-203453

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK – kicked off with the glamorous amfAR Gala at Cipriani Wall Street, sponsored by MAC Viva Glam. The event was attended by the likes of Helena Christensen, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and Karen Elson as well as actress Rose Bryne who was sporting the latest hair trend – the full fringe.

While we look forward to seeing which beauty trends emerge from the New York Fashion Week catwalk shows, expect to see the full fringe continue to make an impact off the catwalk as trendsetters on the street gain inspiration from everyone from Sandra Bullock to Kate Moss, Daisy Lowe and Edie Campbell, who currently rock the look.

If you’re thinking about going for the chop here’s some expert advice from the team at Hari’s King’s Road salon ( who also offer a bespoke Fringe Masterclass service:

- Make sure your hairdresser checks the type of hair you have and the hairline – if you have a cowslick, for example, the fringe will not sit correctly.

- Have your hairdresser show what you would look like if you had a fringe before you go for the cut using a clip-in fringe.

- Make sure you know what type of fringe you want – sloped, rounded etc – there are many different types.

- Ask your hairdresser to cut only a little bit at a time and work their way up to a short fringe – once cut, there’s no turning back.

- For more impact try adding a few foils to lighten and add interest to your new fringe.

Summary: Rose was resplendent as she glided gown the red carpet wearing a Ralph Lauren Collection soft pink silk crepe haltered gown which she accessorized with Ralph Lauren Fine jewelry.

I love this new hairstyle with the pretty pink gown. It’s a very interesting contrast of edgy meets sweet.

A sleek updo would’ve been expected, so I appreciate that she tried something new.

Looking for that hot new hairstyle to change up your image? Or maybe you’re seeking a new look especially for Valentine’s Day weekend? Well take a look to the red carpet and get inspiration from the likes of Sandra Bullock, Leona Lewis and Rose Byrne.

Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover’s find your best Do

2 Feb Lauren-Conrad-New-Hair

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt kicked off February by changing her hair to a caramel color, a significantly lighter shade compared to her dark brunette hue.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz chopped off her long brunette locks last year in favor of a blond pixie. In late January, she lightened her look even more with a bleached hue.


Abbie Cornish

“It feels good! It feels natural!” Abbie Cornish told InStyle of lightening her locks from dark brown to a lighter shade in January.


Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale changed her brunette look into a bright shade of sunny blond in January.


Lauren Conrad

The reality star turned fashion designer kissed her sunny ombre strands goodbye in January in favor of a taupe-y brown.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

In January, Highlighted ginger strands took the place of the actress’s signature chestnut brown.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian flirted with a a vibrant auburn hue in the first weeks of January, but changed her hair back to her lush brunette strands after a few weeks.

Summary: Celebrity hairstyles,I never get tired of them. Whether they’re long, medium, or short hairstyles, curly, straight or wavy hair, up, down or in-between, I seriously love them all.

The best way to find a new hairstyle is by seeing what our favorite celebrities are wearing.

Most of the time that’s how most of us find our new looks. So if your still kind of weary about trying something new.

Find and online virtual makeover website and see how well you will look with your favorite celebrity hairstyle.

Don’t be afraid of change!

My Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa And Salon Hair Experience

31 Oct


This is a photo two days before my Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa hair experience. Hair done by my same hairstylist this was my summer color.

After My Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa Experience

Hair done my the same wonderful hairstylist. After three month’s of hair growth and the season turning to Fall/Winter. Lonnisha Mercado decided to add some cool tone’s to tone down the blonde high lights that I had for summer. Bringing me to a more Fall/ Winter look.

I absolutely love my new hair and the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa experience that I had. They are so nice and down to earth staff. Makes the client’s feel like they are at home in their own atmosphere. They treat everyone like they are important and that you matter.

They do way more then hair and are known for their many spa service’s that they provide to their clients daily. I have to say it was a clean, very modern environment with their warm shade of red that sets the tone for the Elizabeth Arden trademark Red Door!!!

Prices are a little bit higher then most. I have to say you get what you come in there for. Walk out very satisfied and very happy! I definitely will come back again.

Lonnisha can do many hair texture’s and she is simply a very young and talented hair stylist. She aim’s to give you what you want and even takes it a step higher. When she’s doing your hair you simply feel like your best friend is right there doing it for you. She is just awesome. So, please check her out when your in the Dallas area!

Hair done by Lonnisha Mercado at Elizabeth Arden red door salon spa Dallas
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon
7700 W Northwest Hwy
Dallas, Texas 75225

For those that do not live in the Dallas area you can visit them at  look up your city and state for a local location.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa And Salon

Hair Care Tips For The Fall

24 Oct

To enjoy the fall season, some subtle and small changes to the way one looks will ensure that one looks and feels at his or her best throughout the season. A few basic tips that can be incorporated in any haircare routine will go a long to making this possible.

Just as trees shed leaves, one will tend to shed more hair during fall than in other seasons. Thus, it is important to condition the scalp to ensure that it holds new hairs when they begin to come out. Regular conditioning will ensure the scalp is maintained in good health and this practice will usually help replenish any lost moisture and keep the remaining hair looking resilient and shiny.

However, consulting a stylist before using a certain formula will ensure the conditioner does not interfere with any color treatment. Oiling hair is also important as it ensures the hair is free of dandruff, irritation and infections. It will also protect from certain hair losses. In addition, applying oil on the scalp will aid ensuring the growth of healthy firm hair.

The type of oil to use is also important when taking care of hair during the fall. For example, using coconut oil provides a cooling effect on the head. Beautiful hair is maintained by ensuring it has essential air circulation and that it does not trap heat. Applying a turban made from hot towels after combing the out of the hair ends will help to make sure the oil penetrates into the scalp and affect individual hair shafts. The oil should be left for about an hour or so, or if it applied at night, it can be left overnight. After this, the oil should be washed clean a number of times until all the oil has been removed. After this, the hair locks should be healthy and vibrant with a shiny look.

Exposure to the sun and chlorine will usually have taken a heavy toll on one’s hair. However, this damage can easily be reversed and hair replenished by having a deep conditioning treatment . Alternatively, keratin treatment will usually keep the hair looking frizz free for months. Sometimes it may not be advisable to wash hair regularly during fall, especially if one wants to maintain that glam loose hair. Instead of regular washing and blow-drying, it is recommended to use dry shampoo . Baby shampoo can also be used to absorb grease and sweat, especially after spending the day at the gym or out of doors.

Good hygiene is always important in healthy, appealing hair especially during autumn. Such things as brushing properly and good nutrition of well-balanced diets of fresh fruits, vegetables like spinach and taking lots of water helps not only in having beautiful hair but one with an improved texture.

Brushing should especially be done before retiring for bed. Brushing should be done from the back to the front. About 50 to 100 strokes will ensure dirt and pollutants are removed and that natural oils and oxygen get the needed circulation.

It is also advisable to fry foods, nuts, animal fats and dairy products. Some dandruff shampoos also tend to dry out the hair and should be used after diluting them. In fall, hair generally grows much slower, but by following a healthy regiment of good hair practices and good eating habits, hair growth can be maintained looking vibrant until the next fall season.

Summary: Change your daily schedule and include these top Fall hair care rituals in your beauty practice. Start the preparations in time until it will be to late to build the defense and enjoy the dazzling result, the natural glowing locks. Have these guidelines in mind when pampering your hair.

Washing your hair is the first step towards having flawless hair. The top tip of hair stylist is to reduce the frequency of your hair cleansing. Indeed the cuticles should be detoxed from the harmful toxins.

However it would be hard to provide your scalp with the necessary moisture if you would wash your strands on a daily basis.

Especially during the Fall season it is extremely important to moisturize the tresses since the lack of it can lead to severe dehydration.

The cold weather and humidity can deteriorate the hair to the same extents as the UV rays do. That’s why it won’t be enough to cleanse and condition your hair.

It is highly recommended that during autumn the weekly hair care routine should be completed with a nourishing mask.

The wind can also break down the resistance of cuticles. That’s why choose a hair mask designed for your hair that will strengthen, moisturize and at the same time repair the hair. Do this ritual on a weekly basis.

Autumn hair loss is very common as nature our body will also go through radical change.More with this step we will also enhance the healthy growth of the new hair. In order to treat our scalp properly and reduce the measure of the loss it is advisable to embed a deep conditioning treatment every once in a while into our weekly routine.

Whether you opt for a cosmetic or a homemade treatment you should look for treatments that target a special aim as hydrating the scalp, strengthening the hair or all of these at the same time.

Hot oil treatments can be done even at home. Olive and coconut oil is perfect to secure the hydration of the scalp and increase the resistance of the cuticles towards any damaging factors. Enjoy the soothing sensation these hair care treatments offer at least once in 2 weeks.

Pay special attention to worn-out tips. It’s time for a mini-makeover at the beauty salon. As part of the hair hygiene it is recommended to get rid of the unhealthy and broken tips. Trimming your hair on a regular basis is the least you can do to protect the strong and healthy condition of your hair cuticles.

Hair Bang Styles For 2010

14 Oct

The easiest and quickest way to make a change to your hair style is to add bangs or change your part.

Bangs are great and everyone can probably wear some variation of them.  Keep in mind that when you cut bangs, you will be waiting quite awhile to grow them out if you end up not liking the way they look with your hairstyle.

There are different types of bangs for different face shapes. Choose a style that is more flattering for your face verses a bang you seen on someone else. What works for one person may not be flattering on the next.

Have fun with your bangs by styling them different ways.

One suggestion is to clip in hair extensions to see if you like the look of bangs before you get them cut.  Clip in hair extensions can be ordered online or can be found at many department stores for a reasonable cost or even at your local Sally’s or beauty supply store in your area.

The basic bangs available include:  eyebrow, straight, layered, choppy, side swept, basic, fringe and not really bangs.

Hair should be fun and remember it all does grow back. What bang type are you wearing?

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