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Side Braids Fashion Trend 2010

7 Oct

New York Fashion Week supermodels were working some serious side braid action! I also seen quite a few girls on You Tube showing how to make a hot french braid or fishtail braid, and the old traditional side loose braid. Whatever your taste maybe looks like this simple do will be a hot trend for sometime. If you have no clue and would love to rock this look. I suggest you getting on you tube and typing it in the search location. There are plenty of your girls out there that have hair tutorial’s on how to make a simple side braid. Let us know what you personally think about this look.

Why I Choose Jane Carter Solution Products

6 Oct

Jane Carter Solution, the always affordable homespun line is made with natural ingredients and has been a favorite among the multi-textural world for years.

I just wanted to drop a line of thanks to Jane Carter for ending my tireless search for a product that truly works! I have spent so much money over the past couple of years trying to find something that does what it says it will do and gives me the results I want. My hair is thick, fine and curly and has been impossible to shine and bounce until I discovered the Jane Carter Solution.

You can find Jane Carter Solution products at your local Vitamin Shoppe or health stores in your area. Also, to Target, as well of course as the “Jane Carter Solution Website” Don’t forget Whole Foods Stores.

How to grow long hair and avoid hair damage

4 Oct snapshot_20100928_3 copy

I am on my hair journey to grow out long hair again. I had waist long hair a year ago and decided to follow a trend and cut it short into a bob style cut. I had fun wearing it for a little of a year now. I am desiring to grow it back out. I know how to grow out hair. With the right diet, and vitamins and organic hair products your can do it as well. Take a look at my hair video and listen to what I share with you on how to do so. There are so many women walking around with long hair but I noticed a lot of times I noticed most of us have damaged hair. With just a few changes you to can have healthy hair. Stop hiding the damage and start treating it! :-)


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