Many Reason’s Why I Love Acai Splash

6 Oct

The reason why I love Acai Splash Energizing Mixed Berry Drink is that for one it add’s natural energy to my protein shakes. It is also has helped with my hair  growth as well as my over all health. In addition Acai Splash contains nutrient rich berry extracts such as Lycium, Bilberry, and Elderberry. All these berries are combined with Grape Skin and Pomegrante extracts to give you 100 mg of anthocyanins per serving. Anthocyanins are antioxidants that may help keep free radicals in check.

With my working out it has many health benefits that has show throughout the time I been using this product. One of many that I have come to love and part of my everyday food diet consumption. I bought this as Vitamin Shoppe as i am sure many other health stores carry this wonderful drink concentrate.

Why Should I take Acai Splash? Taking Acai Splash is a good and natural alternative to sugary energy drinks that usually rely on the carbohydrate boost combined with caffeine to get your energy level to go up. By using a natural alternative you are less likely to experience the crash that can come after many energy drinks. Plus, you only need to take one ounce a day to experience this boost.

Benefits of Acai Splash

» Natural boost to the immune system
» A good source of fiber
» Increases your energy while promoting good digestive health
» Is only thirty calories a serving


If you are looking for a dietary supplement that will work to boost your energy levels while at the same time providing you with important vitamins and nutrients, then AcaiSplash could be the product you’ve been searching for.



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