Men Hair Styling For Curly Hair

8 Oct

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    You’ll need a great hair cut to start out with so find a good stylist.  Find someone with a great reputation in a near by city. Go in, get a consultation.

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    After you figure out what type of style you want to go with, you’ll need products to use to get whatever style you are trying to go for. Get you some shampoo and conditioner  for curly hair. You can use Garnier and Tresemme curly hair line that aren’t as expensive.  Bumble & Bumble makes a fantastic shampoo and conditioner if you’re willing to spend some extra bucks.  Red Ken Fresh Curls, Aveda has a line called Be Curly,  Mixed Chicks has a men’s line called His Mix, Kinky curly as well as Jane Carter Solution, S curl luster products for men with courser curls are just to name a few.  Most of these make great products for curly hair. You can save money and go into your nearest Sally’s beauty supply store and ask for products for your hair type. Men and women a lot of times use the same curly hair products after all hair is hair. All hair lines work the same in all hair types for both men and women. It all serves the same purpose. The hard part is finding what works best for your lifestyle and hair texture. That’s why going to a hair salon is suggested they tend to specialize and know how to direct you to the right products.

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    After you wash and condition your hair, apply some leave in conditioner. You’ll want to squeeze the conditioner into all of your hair.

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    Do the same with grooming cream or styling cream. Just squeeze it into your hair all over.

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    Dry your hair off with a hair dryer with a diffuser on the end. Squeeze your hair as you dry it.

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    All done! Now go find some girls.

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