Men’s Leave In Conditioner

8 Oct
Most guys don’t want to condition their hair. They figure it’s a waste of time, or they don’t like the way it weighs down their hair. But not conditioning is a mistake, and here’s why: When you shampoo, you’re opening your hair cuticles, which, on a microscopic level, makes them look like little Christmas trees. The shampoo washes out the dirt hiding under the branches. The conditioner closes up the cuticle, stopping dirt from getting in and adding shine.
Although I prefer a traditional conditioner, some guys hate adding another step to their morning bathroom routine.
A suitable alternative is the new bed head leave in conditioner for men, which isn’t nearly as girly and involved as it sounds. After your shower, when your head’s still damp, spray some in. And then forget about it. (Styling product can be added a minute later.) The Bed Head gets right on the Christmas tree and stays there, making your hair softer and less brittle. And giving you a better chance the next time a woman runs her hand through it.

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