Girly Ruffle Tops and Dresses For Fall

12 Oct


I love both ruffles and girlie stuff so I was really excited to see stores carrying shirts and even sweaters with ruffles and rosettes. I love the girlie details that takes a small item like a simple  T’ Shirt to another level.

If you have a leather biker jacket you can throw that over your girly ruffle top. Why not add some edge to your outfit. Then you will have more of a fall look. Paired up with some hot jeans and some boots. To finish your look off you can add your detailing. Whether it be your hair, your earrings, some bangles, or rings. The sky’s the limit to fall dressing. You have to love fall. My favorite time of the year.

If your like myself and live in a hot climate such as Texas and it’s still warm although it’s fall. Let the feeling of summer last.

Gotta love ruffles. I wore one today to court traffic. I have to say that look worked out well and saved me from two tickets. Now just add a smile on your face then your good to go!!!!


2 Responses to “Girly Ruffle Tops and Dresses For Fall”

  1. sagemag October 12, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    I LOVE ruffles. My fav is the pin-dotted one.

    • vfare36 October 13, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

      I have a thing for ruffles for one it hides when I am bloated and any flaws as women we may have. As well as accent area’s that we don’t. They are so comfy to wear!

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