Rimmel London Affordable And Light On The Pocket!

13 Oct


The company was originally started as a perfumery known as the House of Rimmel. Their cosmetic line was released in 1834. The founder, Eugene Rimmel discovered the first completely non-toxic mascara product, which became so hugely popular in Europe that rimmel is the word for mascara in many languages including French and Italian. Currently, the brand is known as Rimmel London and is owned by Coty, Inc.

Rimmel beauty products won’t empty your wallet even though they’re good quality make-up. They’re available in a range of products including eyes, lips, skin and Nails. It’s no wonder they’ve been around since your mom was a teenager.

I absolutely can not live without Sexy Curves. I always been a Mac girl and still am. Lately my staple products have been Sexy Curves Mascara as well as the lipstick!!!!!!!

Love the prices verse’s the Mac prices. However, do not get it twisted I will always love my Mac and will continue to buy it. I love change and trying new things.

Besides it is nice on the pocket book to!!!!! What girl doesn’t love that! What are your favorite beauty products by Rimmel?



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