Ring Stacking Takes Fashion Jewelry To New Heights

27 Oct






Daisy is a jewelry company that designs, manufactures and distributes fashion jewelery.  It deliver’s it’s beautiful crafted jewelry to various independent jewelers and boutiques world wide.

Since the official launch of The Daisy Stack Ring Concept in March 2008, Daisy Jewelery is now on sale at over 130 stockists nationwide.

Daisy is currently based out of London where they originally started making their wide range of fashion jewelry. It was founded it by Noel Boyd it’s creative director since 1972.

In gold and silver, in hammered metal, studded, twisted, plaited, brushed: there are infinite ways to adorn your digits with the numerous and chic stackable rings from  jewelery brand Daisy. You can build your own stackable Daisy rings.

And with hundreds to choose from, you can try using a hand model – simply pick your skin tone, an OPI nail polish to match, and see which colors and styles suit you best.

Daisy recently signed model Cara Delevigne to shoot the 2010 campaign, which focused on concepts: Stack rings and skinny bangles.

You can buy a made up Daisy Stack or choose some elements from one stack, some from another. Or buy each ring separately by viewing The Collection of Daisy Stacking Rings and build up your own design. That’s the beauty of Daisy Stacks, they’re as individual as you are.

Check out Daisy online store or for all their beautifully crafted designs. They have so many styles of beautiful rings to choose from.

It’s absolutely the hottest  in fashion trends and accessories right now. Ring stacking, or wearing two or more rings at a time, can put a spin on your fall fashion that will make any outfit pop.

I personally love my big rings. I always been a huge fan of stacking my jewelry. The fashion industry is loving this trend in stackable rings at the moment, and so am I!!!!!

I have to say one of my favorite looks of all time.

Buy Daisy Rings Here


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