Jennifer Nicole Lee: Strong Is The New Skinny!!!!

7 Nov

Who is Jennifer Nicole Lee????? I am sure that’s the question you are raising in your head at the moment. I am going to share with you something personal.

My hottest staple product in my life right now. I talked about her a few time’s in my you tube video’s. I also shared a few of her awesome recipe’s, fitness workouts as well as her books!

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a fitness expert, author and a mother of two children.

After giving birth to her second child, Jennifer found herself 80 lbs overweight, depressed and discouraged. Looking for a way to regain her energy and zest for life, Jennifer signed up to compete in a swimsuit competition the following year.

This was just the kind of motivation that Jennifer needed, because less than a year later, the determined mother of two had shed her excess weight and was crowned Miss Bikini America 2004.

The remarkable story quickly made headlines, earning Jennifer an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Jennifer has become an inspiration to women everywhere, proving that hard work and determination can help you in meeting any goal, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Today, Jennifer has released a book entitled Crack the Code: Unlock Your Fat Burning and Weight Loss Potential, which reveals the secrets to her success and some helpful exercising tips for new mothers.

Now with her newest book out ” The Jennifer Nicole Lee  Fitness Model Diet.”  She get’s personal with you and share’s many of her workout routines and exercises, as well as her diet recipe’s. It’s like your eating right in her kitchen. Jennifer Nicole Lee share’s it all in her new book. So check it out on her website. I will attach the links below.

As if that weren’t enough, Jennifer models and designs swimsuits for her newly launched swimwear line JNL Collection.

1. Could you name three things you had to give up in order to get where you are?
I had to stop making up excuses, playing the victim, and wasting time. With all of my life’s demands to be the very best wife, mom, and entrepreneur, I do not have the luxury of making up excuses. I either do something or I don’t. If something goes wrong or someone is unfair to me, I don’t sit around and take it. Instead, I focus on the solution and on being victorious. I enjoy being in the driver seat of my life, and I urge others to make the time to achieve their goals, so that I can work for them instead of against them.

2. What is a positive attitude and how do you maintain your positive outlook on life?
A positive attitude starts with the core belief that you will create, enjoy, and relish in the joys in life when you find your passion and embrace your strengths. I keep motivated by understanding that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but that it was built and it does happen. I focus on what I can do, believe in what I do, and do it well. Motivation is a muscle that you must exercise in order for it to get stronger.

3. What are some of the dietary tips in your new book that you offer to overweight people?
Some of the tips that I offer my clients are unconventional but they get you results fast! I start by building a solid foundation of self-love combined with self reliance and self discipline. I emphasize that you are in control of your weight loss program and you must hold yourself accountable. I help clients build their confidence, learn to cook delicious low-fat meals, and to think for themselves.
But most importantly, I keep the process fun, creative and interesting.

4. When did you start to feel really comfortable with your body?
I started feeling really comfortable with my body when I started to love myself. My weight yo-yoed drastically for most of my life, and the only way I knew how to lose weight was to starve myself. I finally just gave up and told myself that even though I was heavy, I loved me. Then my healthy new lifestyle just fell into place. I built upon this new lifestyle, making sure that I went to my workouts, and treated them like important business meetings that I could not be late for or call in sick to.

5. How do you balance your career and your kids?
I have set myself up for success by understanding that I won’t be able to get everything done, but if I just focus on the priorities and at least get the core taken care of, my life will be meaningful and productive. My family comes first and foremost, and the rest just flows from there. I have found a way to make time work for me instead of against me. I include my sons in my business meetings and errands so that they are more equipped for the “real world” when they get out there. I am able to deal with a large amount of pressure because I have trained myself to keep my eye on the prize and not let the everyday energy zappers get to me.

6. What is the one thing you have learned about yourself over the years?
The one thing that I’ve learned is that I’m a winner and that I never quit, and never will. I have had too many hardships and challenges to go through, and the simple fact that I am here today is proof that I have tenacity, courage, vision, and these are the real gifts that I hope to pass down to my sons.

7. What does well-being mean to you?
Well-being means being balanced, whole, satisfied in you own accomplishments, and knowing that you are blessing your family and close friends with your victories. It also means having peace in your life and being at peace with yourself.

8. Who is the most interesting person you have ever met?
I love to research the masters such as Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, and even Albert Einstein. I also have to say my husband Edward, who has taught me unconditional love, and of course my sons. They are my teachers, showing me the important aspects of life: love and happiness.

9. What message would you like to share with our readers in regards to health and wellness?
Ask yourselves this vital question: “how can I increase my quality of life, increase my endurance, stamina, and energy levels, and enjoy the process?”  Your mind is the most powerful possession that you have. You must use it, and by asking yourself this question you will find your answers.

I am in love with this lady right now. She’s on you-tube as well as has her own website. So full of energy and style. You will have a blast working out with Jennifer.

So pick up her awesome books! Hop on the train with us! I am on her kick to a new life and feeling so much better about myself! She share’s with you the many health benefit’s and many of the foods she eats from her new book “The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet“.

She is a very vibrant and positive person! You can’t help but look at her and just want what she’s got! I love you JNL you changed my life the last couple of months and I will continue to share your books and workout’s with my fan base.

The many things that keeps me strong and motivated in the gym as well as in my new clothes! I feel great right now!

Love you Jennifer Nicole Lee! You can check her out at links listed below.  Where you can purchase her books at her online store. This lady as been there and she knows what it takes to get the body of your dreams!

She get’s personal and get’s you right on track! Make sure you order a copy of her book from her website. One of the hottest books out right now!



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