When Love Ends: Eva Longoria And Tony Park Split

19 Nov

While many of their fans were caught off-guard when they filed for divorce, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s split was a long time coming.

According to Parker’s rep, “Eva and Tony have been discussing their situation privately. He was aware that she would be filing for divorce in Los Angeles.”“Tony did not file for divorce in Texas and did not hire divorce attorneys in either Texas or California. He plans to continue to keep their discussions of this matter private.”

Meanwhile, an inside source leaked that everything came crashing down between Eva and Tony when Longoria found that her hubby had been keeping information about Erin Berry (his teammate’s wife) a secret.

“Tony had Erin’s personal information stored in an electronic program that only he could access. But one day he forgot to close the program and that’s when Eva found it.

It was a double shot for her because not only did she find all the information but Eva also realized immediately that Tony had taken steps to hide it from her. The fact that Tony had been hiding Erin’s information and their correspondence made Eva feel like he had been lying to her for months, and basically he had been.”

Summary: I am so disappointed how a person can do such a thing and commit such a horrible act as cheating. I just believe that if you have some type of emotional or physical break down with your partner please be a grown up and express how your feeling. To avoid such personal and painful hardships as these.

Cheating and sneaking around is absolutely not the answer to fixing your life and getting it back on track nonetheless!

I cannot stress enough why it’s absolutely appalling to me how our society follows celebrities when a lot of times they fall out of love more then the average person in a relationship or marriage.

They do not set the bar high for staying in long committed relationships. It’s very sad thank goodness no children were produced in this short lived out marriage.

I absolutely can understand how Eva must have felt when she came across that information on her husband’s phone the way she did.

I know this is such a huge disappointment for one to bare.

What is going on in today’s world? Why is it so hard to stay committed? Why is that we have such a hard time self expressing ourselves rather they be good thoughts or bad thoughts. Self expression of one self should always place a firm value and hold on who we are as people.

Without that you truly attract experience’s unwanted or wanted.


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