Tips: How To Style Using Leopard And Animal Prints

22 Nov

Leopard Style Print has been around for decade’s. It is a trend that either can be pulled off well with taste. Or it can be a fashion disaster!!!!

If you are to make a serious fashion statement, wear animal print. Don’t be afraid. Wear it with confidence. It’s all about attitude anyway. Fashion should always be fun.

Add style and edge to your outfit. Rather your wearing a dress, or pant. Or just simply want to accessorize your outfit by toping it with a scarf, shoe, watch or ring to make that outfit pop.

That’s where accessories come to play. Be smart and do not over do it! You can take something so fun and turn it a nightmare in a matter of seconds!

You will set a style statement that will get noticed! Rather it be a good notice! Or a what the? is that kind of notice! You will make a statement either way. So why not make a good lasting impression.

I put together for you idea’s that are out there in the street, magazine, runway,  or just a simple thought in your mind!

If you are new to making bold statements then try working with animal print accessories which can do wonders to your look.

Do not overload with accessories while sporting an animal print piece and create clutter. Remember less is more!

If not planned properly wearing both at a time can be disastrous for you and your outfit!

Tell us what are your style secrets when it comes to animal print girls?


2 Responses to “Tips: How To Style Using Leopard And Animal Prints”

  1. Kathleen November 23, 2010 at 8:15 am #

    I love the leopard print. I have a cape coat with leopard print and a black color and shoes and purse to match. The coat is a vintage gift from my mother-in-law and she kept it in remarkable shape and it’s style is timeless. I just love it. That is actually what I am going to wear until I find my plaid coat I want this year.

    I also have an ugly leopard print dress with red piping I got at the dollar store for $10. I figured if it fell apart after one wash I wasn’t losing much but I had to have it. It’s absolutely hideous and hubby wont let me wear it out, but it is so ugly it’s cute. Like one of those little wrinkly puppies. lol

    • vfare36 December 1, 2010 at 12:14 am #

      Take a photo in it so I can see it. I bet it is cute! I have a couple dresses like that! Far as that coat. You can’t help but to love Vintage~

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