Health and Wellness: Health Benefits of Juicing

23 Nov

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Juicing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is one of the most health promoting practices in the world. A regular juicing habit has been shown to increase antioxidants, energy, vitality, clarity, detoxification, digestive health and immune strength.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain high levels of antioxidants which promote longevity. Antioxidants are a type of nutrient that slow down the process of cellular death and improve the process of cellular renewal.

In simple terms, that means it helps you live longer and feel better while you’re here. Antioxidants are highly concentrated in foods that are bright red, orange, green, blue, and purple. This promotes wrinkle free skin, strong joints, better vision, heart health, and a wide variety of other benefits.

A regular juice nutrition habit is known to increase energy, vitality, and brain activity. Freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices are loaded with enzymes. Enzymes break foods down into components your body uses to build bone, flesh, and cartilage.

Everything your body does, it does because enzymes are there to make it happen. Your cells produce ATP, adenosine tri-phosphate, which is pure metabolic energy. This ATP is the fuel your body uses to do everything you do. Enzymes turn foods into nutrients, nutrients build cells, and these cells produce energy.

The increased nutritional content of fresh juices also enriches the blood flowing into your lungs. The blood then has improved oxygen content which is carried to all the cells of the body, including the brain. The better the quality of blood that reaches the brain, the better the brain can do its job. The end result is increased clarity, concentration abilities and energy levels.

Detoxification is another one of the health benefits of juicing. Your body is detoxifiying all the time.

Even as you read this, your liver is cleansing your blood. Your digestive system is clearing waste material left after all the good stuff has been utilized, being swept along by insoluble fiber. Old skin cells are being shed while new ones take their place.

Fresh fruit and vegetables can help this process by providing an abundant source of nutrients your body uses to cleanse, particularly chlorophyll. Chlorophyll from wheat grass juice, barley grass juice, lettuces, broccoli, kale, collards, and other green veggies assists the body in the detoxification process.

In order to get the full health benefits of juicing, include lots of fresh green vegetables. In addition to drinking the juices, be sure to eat plenty of whole fruits and vegetables. The fiber in the whole fruits and vegetables will help with the detoxification process by cleansing the intestines.

Better elimination and digestive health can also be accomplished through drinking fresh juices from a good juicer. Elimination is vitally important to get rid of all the nasty toxins from industrial waste and other man made chemicals. Juicing can be used with fasting to give your digestive tract a break from constantly digesting. This allows the natural cleansing mechanisms in your body to do deeper cleaning.

Extra chlorophyll from juicing leafy green vegetables is helpful as is the extra vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids like beta carotene). The carotenoids nourish the lining of the intestines and promote a better environment for beneficial flora to thrive.

This provides the additional benefit of stopping the accumulation of bad bacteria. Once again, in order to get the full health benefits of juicing, it is best to partner the drinking of fresh juices with eating whole fruits and vegetables. As good as juicing is, you still need lots of fiber.

The final benefit of juicing I want to cover is faster healing. Healing is a general word used to describe the process of cellular repair. Your body is the only thing on the planet which will heal you. Other things, like herbs and fresh juices, help your body accomplish this.

All the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables are the raw materials your body uses for this process. Using a juicer to extract these nutrients increases the amount normally available and provides them in a form your body can use with little or no energy expenditure. In simple terms, that means they are easily digested and utilized by the body.

The result is faster healing of all the tissues in the body, including skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, cells, and even DNA. There is literally not a single cell in your body that cannot be healed. Juices from fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs can help with all of it.

In conclusion, there are many wonderful health benefits of juicing. A good quality juice extractor can literally change your life for the better. Reading juicer reviews is a great way to get an idea of which juicer will be right for your juicing needs. If you would like to see for yourself, do some research, read some juicer reviews, and get yourself a good juicer. Then enjoy playing around with the endless combinations of healthy juices you can make in your own home. You’ll feel health and vitality surging into your life.

Summary: You can pretty much buy a juicer at any store in your local neighborhood. It will allow you the convience of making your own juices.

Once you get used to your juicer it will become more of a healthier lifestyle for you, and your family member’s and will provide a nice source of well being and health to your life.

Nothing more lovely then waking up in the morning to a nice fresh glass of juice made from your juicer. By passing all that sugar and processing that a lot of our grocery store juices are made from. Allowing your body the health benefit’s that natural juice provides.

You can make any flavor from vegetables right down to your very own fruits.

Your getting that direct source of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies truly need to provide overall health and wellness.

I can’t say how much I absolutely love drinking homemade juice and how much more energy it provides me throughout my day!

Dare to stay healthy with a nice glass of cold home squeezed juice from out of your very own kitchen.

If your like me and health places great importance to working out daily. Start weeding out the bad drinks and wheeling in the drink’s that will provides you health and wellness and a lifetime of good health!


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