Hair Style Tip: Victoria Beckham Styles Long Pony Tail

3 Dec

Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty

Guest speaker Victoria Beckham attends Day 1 of the International Herald Tribune Heritage Luxury Conference at The Inter Continental  Hotel on November 9, 2010 in London, England.

She was of course wearing a dress from her own Spring 2011 collection.

Summary: Victoria Beckham is known to many for her versatile style and elegance. As well as hair trend setter! I absolutely have been a huge fan of her many fashion’s.

I love the fact that she has fun and she always looks like she enjoys everything that she wears. From her many short hair cut’s that graced many of our favorite hair magazines.

All the way to styling runway clothing to designing many of her own dresses, jeans and accessories.

You can find Victoria at just about every fashion show humanly possible to woman. As she set’s trends from eyeglasses, shoes, to handbag’s as well as clothing.

She always leaves us looking forward to the next best thing she comes across. Making us all wonder what comes next with her.

I myself cut off my long hair just to try a bob that she styled for many years. So she leaves that impression that fashion should be about change but yet fun.

Now that she’s back to styling her long hair again. Which she has been trying to grow it out for sometime now.

Wearing her hair back into buns, ponytails as well as extensions for added length. I myself am trying to do the same thing after two years of wearing a bob.

Fashion is change. Nothing stay’s the same if your a fashion forward type of dresser. So if your looking to grow out your hair after a long time of styling it short.

Quick Tip. Stop off at your neighborhood beauty supply store for your pony tail extensions, or your clip on extensions for wearing the hair down.

What a great way to grow out hair and still look like a princess.

Remember style should embrace who you are and what you dare to feel comfortable in!!!!

To check out her fashion Designs click here:


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