Beauty Tip: How To Remove Mascara From Your Lashes

15 Dec

There is nothing worse than removing your eye makeup, only to find you’ve lost half your lashes in the process! Not the end of the world, obviously, but it is annoying to think that if it goes on, you could lose all of them! So to remove mascara in the most gentle way, remember these steps:

  • Soak the cotton pad.
  • Pat the cotton pad on your lids to allow the mascara formula to loosen up from your eyelashes.
  • Gently ‘massage’ the area in small circular motions.
  • Swipe off gently.

Just remember one thing – do not rub! This can cause too much weight on your lashes and you might risk losing some of them. Always be gentle to your delicate eye area.

Summary: Make sure that you follow the steps closely. One thing that’s awful is the harsh feeling from rubbing the mascara off.

Your eye area is very sensitive. You do not want to pull on that area. Make sure that you gently apply the soaked cotton ball to your lashes. Treat them like you do your own hair.

The easiest way to remove mascara without losing half of your lashes or making your eye sore is to invest in a good quality makeup wipe. Simply take the wipe and gently wipe your lashes until the product is gone.

I always use my wipes to remove the first layer of make up as well as any mascara that is layered up on my lashes before I even proceed to wash my face with a wash cloth.

Once I removed as much residue from my face I then take my cleanser to cleanse my skin by using a wash cloth.

I lightly wipe the remainder of the make up off so that my skin can feel and look clean.

Now your face is free of make up and mascara!


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