Mariah Carey Dreams Of Being Pregnant Comes True: Twins Yes or NO?

15 Dec

You can’t always believe everything you read. But when the rumor is as persistent and unkillable as the one about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon expecting twins, you start to wonder if there’s a reason why it so steadfastly refuses to die. 

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Summary: I read quite a few new’s article’s pertaining to her comment when she referred to her belly as they.

As well as watched a few videos on Eonline. She did not use the term He or she. With a few slip ups of the tongue. The couple haven’t totally shot done rumor’s of twins.

The singer announced in October that she is expecting her first baby with husband Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey has been open about the effects her pregnancy has had on her body, claiming to be ‘exhausted’ and ‘nauseous’.

The baby, or babies, are thought to be due in spring 2011.

Either way life is a life. She’s bringing a child into the world. There is no better blessing than that. Rather it be one, or several. Mariah will be a happy mother either way.

She has packed on quite a bit of weight to be still early into the pregnancy. It’s better to play it safe by making sure she’s eating for two properly then under nourishing herself.

Mariah Carey is stepping into motherhood, and family. Into a whole new world other then her singing and touring. Let’s just be happy for her and wish her well.

Life is suppose to be about falling in love, and living a life other then working all the time.

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