Swarovski Crystal: Melissa Jet Ring Sparkles Any Woman’s Fingers!

24 Dec

Melissa Jet Ring

Romantic and timeless, this stunning rhodium-plated ring complements this season’s floral trend.

The exclusive cut flower crystal is beautifully crafted from a single piece of Jet crystal, making this a truly unique creation.

A magnificent gradation of grey crystals sparkles at the centre of each flower. Complete this on-trend look with the matching pendant or clip earrings.

Article no.: 1062650

$ 140.00

Website Click Here Swarovski Store Online

Summary: Those of you that know me well. Absolutely know that I am a huge fan of Swavorski!!!!!! I first learned about this brand 5 years ago from a friend.

It became something that she wanted from me as a gift exchange that we do every year. Either for Christmas or our Birthday’s I surprised her with a  Necklace, and rings! Over a time period of course.

That’s how I learned about the Swarovski brand in jewelry.

What a beautiful brand it is!! I now have treated myself with wonderful gifts from the Swarovski store.

Every time I wear a ring made especially special from Swarovski. It has captured many eye’s everytime I wear a ring from Swarovski.

Rather it be me pulling out my money to pay something or me talking and using my hands! It has captured many woman’s eye’s and hearts. No matter on the styles they all look very flattering on!

So if your looking to captivate that special person. Want her eye’s to sparkle like Swarkovski Crystals do! Then you found a gift that will make that special person of your life smile and sparkle!

She will receive many compliments with their flattering cutting edge design’s. She will be that woman who is simply envied for the sparkle’s her finger gives off!

You can order online or check for store locations on their website.  www. Swarovski.com


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