Autopsy Done: R&B Singer Teena Marie Died From Natural Causes No Drugs Found

30 Dec

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has completed its autopsy on late R&B singer Teena Marie but the case isn’t closed yet.

Although there were no signs of trauma, Assistant Chief Coroner Chief Ed Winter says the actual cause of death won’t be known until toxicology test results come back, which could take up to six weeks.

He pointed out, though, that no illegal drugs were found in Marie’s home.


Summary: So hard to believe that this beautiful and talented woman is gone. I am so sadden to hear of the loss of a great and powerful person. She was still so very young at the time of death.

I included a video I found of her sharing with you all how she began having seizures. Do to her staying a hotel one night while sleeping the heavy portrait fell on her head which left her with seizures.

Life is meant to be lived and we can surely say she lived it. Teena Marie made her mark on earth. She leaves us all with her music!

Live the life you feel like your meant to live cause you truly never know when it is your time.

R.I.P Teena Marie. I send all my love and condolences to her family and friends who she loved so dearly. As well as to all her amazing fans who have supported Teena Marie thought out her career.

She is a Angel and with God now. Let’s embrace life and relish in the good things she has shared with us all.

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