Make Up Artist Mally Roncal: All Day Gorgeous Lasting Beauty Kit Review

3 Jan

Molly Roncal


Mally Beauty All Day Gorgeous Lasting Beauty 9-piece Kit

Customer Top Rated

* Retail Value: $112.00
* QVC Price:
* $56.00
* Shipping & Handling: $5.72


What is it: The All Day Gorgeous nine-piece collection combines Mally’s 24/7 and Evercolor products, with a waterproof volumizing mascara–all in full sizes! They work together for a complete, long-lasting look in up-to-the-minute, universal colors.

Who is it for: All women who love to look gorgeous and want makeup to stay just-applied beautiful all day.

Why is it different: The kit gives you Mally’s professional application techniques, her powder/cream system that prevents fading or traveling, long-lasting Evercolor gliding application products, and volumizing mascara that lasts through water.

How do I use it:
Evercolor shadow stick: Line your eyes, fill in your lid, and smudge. Because you have the control and precision of a liner, you can focus on the outer “V” of your eye and blend out for a sultry cat eye.

24/7 eyeliner: Line your eyes with the long-wearing pencil. Using the fat end of the applicator, gently cover the area you lined with the white, secret-setting formula. Take the skinny end of the applicator and dab it into the color of the split pan powder. Go right over the line you’ve made to rejuvenate and intensify the color.

Mascara: Apply to lashes from base to tip. For super luminous lashes, apply one coat, let it dry, then apply a second coat. Repeat until you’ve got the lash look you love.

24/7 blush: Take the orange end of the applicator and lightly dab it in the creamy product on the compact’s left side. Gently smooth it onto the apples of your cheeks. Take the other side of the brush and swirl it into the powder on the compact’s right side. Tap off any excess and blend in a circular motion, onto the cream product. Together, these two create the perfect bond, locking in long-wearing, fresh, dewy color that won’t budge.

Evercolor lip color/gloss: Apply color and give it a few seconds to set. Apply the super high-shine gloss over the lip color.

From Mally Beauty.


  • 0.26 oz 24/7 blush system
  • Blush applicator
  • 0.14 oz 24/7 liner powder/0.04 oz 24/7 liner pencil
  • Liner applicator
  • 0.39 oz waterproof volumizing mascara
  • 0.06 oz Evercolor lasting shadow stick
  • 0.06 oz Evercolor lipcolor stick
  • 0.15 oz Evercolor gloss
  • Reusable makeup pouch
  • Applicators made in China; Cosmetics made in Italy/Canada/USA


Mally Beauty Website

Order Kit Qv

Summary: I had to introduce this to the many who never heard of Mally Roncal! She is a make up Artist to the celebrities and has traveled the world doing what she does best. That’s make up Artistry.

I love her personality! She always looks great with her beautiful hair that’s become her trademark. As well as the work that I seen her do many times on television. She has done numerous show’s and sharing her many make up tips.

So please when you have time check out her website as well as her cool You Tube channel Mally Tv Productions is the handle.

If your looking to duplicate her looks as well as follow your favorite make up artist. Click on the links I have provided throughout this post to take you a bit into Mally’s world.

She is a delightful full of energy and just down to earth gal! She gives great advice not just to make up but to her favorite things she loves and that she shares with those that watch her You Tube Channel.

Qvc is selling her kit for the All Day Gorgeous Lasting 9 piece beauty kit. So perfect for day time. I love her technique on how she get’s her make up to last longer throughout the day. So please watch the video’s so you to can get a visual.

You can never go wrong with the colors in this palette. I love the soft purples so flattering on just about every girl!

The price point is very affordable for 9 pieces including brushes. Very organized and nicely packaged!

For those  that have girlfriends that love make up this make’s a nice gift idea.

I attached a Youtube video from a beauty guru that share’s with her audience on what to expect in the kit as well as how to use the products. Her personal review!

I just got sold and purchased mine so excited~

Dare to be beautiful!

Beauty Kit Order Here Qvc


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