Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder: Tint Them Grays As New Growth Grows In

16 Jan

Mask Them Grays

* Styling ease, dry cleansing and tinting for darker blondes and lighter brunettes.

* Who: Ideal for oily (or less than clean) hair, styling fine hair and root touch-ups.

When: On dry hair.

How to style or tint: Hair Powder requires a slightly oily surface to adhere to (we recommend a light application of Styling Wax as a base if hair is clean); section dry hair at the scalp; hold can 10-12 inches away from hair and spray thoroughly, being sure to penetrate all layers (if an overall effect is desired); let dry; shake out excess with fingers and style.

How to absorb oil (dry cleanse): Hold can 10-12 inches from dry hair; spray thoroughly, concentrating on oily areas; let dry; brush out thoroughly and style.

Important note: Be sure to protect clothing, bath and bed linens during use (spots can be easily removed with a mild soap and water).

Lyons also recommends Bumble and Bumble hair powder ($35; bumbleandbumble.com)

which comes in five tinted formulas, to hide the silvery-white strands. “The color is more transparent than the other formulas, so you have to use more and layer it to fully hide grays,” he says.

Click Here” Bumble and Bumble Website

Summary: I personally use this hair powder in my hair on those stubborn gray’s. I am a natural brunette. However, I recently just turned 40. I do have my stubborn grays that grow in before I am ready to go back to the salon for a touch up.

I camouflage my grays by spraying the Bumble and Bumble hair powder onto the new growth where the gray hair shows up.

I do not want to run to the hair salon when I am not due for a touch up. I am trying to grow out my bob and do not want to damage my hair. So in between hair salon visit’s I use this hair powder to allow me to get through to my next hair salon visit. I absolutely love this product!

So if your like me and u want to cover those stubborn gray’s until your next salon purchase Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder!!!!!

Dare to be  beautiful~


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