Make Up: Armani Metallic Eye Shadows Last 24 Hours

16 Jan

Long Lasting Eye Shadow That Lasts 24 Hours

THE CLAIM No more disappearing eye shadow! This densely pigmented powder-gel hybrid combines shimmer with transclucent emollients to lock the color in place.

THE EXPERT SAYS “These shadows are ideal for my red-carpet clients because there’s no need for a touch-up,” says makeup artist Joanna Schlip, who works with Jessica Simpson and Ellen Pompeo.

However, “Because the color is so rich, they can be tricky to apply. I suggest dipping a damp brush in the pot and swirling it on the back of your hand until the shadow is a sheer paste.”

OUR VERDICT It definitely lived up to the long-wear claim. We applied it on a steamy summer morning, and the color didn’t budge, fade or crease until we wiped it off with an oil-based remover 10 hours later.


Armani Metallic eye shadows (launched in October), $32; at



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