Stylist Laurence Renard Fatally Hit By A Dump Truck

25 Jan

A French fashion stylist who worked with photographer Bruce Weber was fatally hit by a dump truck on Monday in a horrific rush-hour accident on the upper East Side, police said.

Laurence Renard, 35, was crossing First Ave. right outside her building about 5:45 p.m. when a private carting truck turning from 90th St. struck her.

Photo: Truck driver Diego Tapia-Ulloa was arrested for not having a valid license.

“She was the sweetest, biggest-hearted person I knew,” her brother Lionel Renard told the Daily News. “We’re all in shock. We’re gathering tomorrow in New York.”

Lionel Renard said his sister did the styling for a Victoria’s Secret campaign last year and had been working with Weber on Abercrombie & Fitch ads.

Renard was married to a restaurateur and split her time between her Manhattan home and Miami, her brother said. She did volunteer work at the Kabbalah Center in midtown, he said.

After the accident, pedestrians raced to block other vehicles from running over Renard’s body.

“People were screaming for cars not to go through,” said Norizan Ibrahim, 46, a witness.

Renard died at the scene and lay under a white sheet in the roadway as cops investigated the accident Monday night.

The truck driver, Diego Tapia-Ulloa, 23, of Newark was arrested for not having a valid license.

NY Daily News

Summary: So sad to hear someone lose their life over being irresponsible. People everyday are getting in their vehicles with cell phone distractions, Radio, just plain talking. While others are driving without insurance many of the times or even not carrying a valid driver’s license.

As I sit in my car daily at traffic lights I see how we the people are just absolutely distracted and not paying attention.

With technology at all time high living in a world of cell phones, Ipods, and lap tops. No one is truly present in todays world. It frustrates me to see how distracted our  communities are becoming.

Accidents hitting a all time high. People are dying over distractions! Not listening or paying attention when needed. Or just not giving a care in the world and just hopping in a vehicle with no proper paper work or form of ID.

This needs to really be looked at and the consequences need to be taken more seriously. It’s only then that the public will  become more aware and things will change!

Such a sad day for this woman and her family and friends to lose someone who was absolutely talented and still had a lot of life in her! People wake up! Please become more present in your life so that it doesn’t put others in danger! Remember if you kill someone there is a heavy price! Then it’s to late.

My heart goes out to everyone who loved this person and surrounded themselves with Laurence Renard. To her family, friends, and colleagues we are truly thinking of you at this time!


Vfare 36~

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