The Importance Of Being A Good Father

29 Jan

Can you say you are the type of father your children are proud of? Are you a figure that is strong and influential over your children? Do you stand tall in character, good morals and place your family above all else?

The wisest person who has ever existed once said that the glory of the son is his father. We all have childhood memories of our fathers. Some of us have wonderful growing up memories while others, unluckily, got painful memories that built wounds in our hearts; be it deliberately or not. No matter what your experience was, you can always create a better experience for your children and become one of the most endearing fathers on the face of this planet.

You got the best motivations for you to strive to be that father—your children. In fact, your children deserve to have a superb father; a good provider, a strong mentor, a superior protector and educator. Don’t live in the past if you have not been a successful father up to this point; you can change all that starting now! Whatever bad childhood experiences you’ve endured is all in the pass and should not get in the way of being a great father to your children.

Don’t you think it’s the right time to be happy and make things new? Why not create a happy and successful family which all starts from the heart and soul of the family—you! Enjoy the role and every opportunity of being a father—after all, isn’t this the measure of a real man? Read More…….

Written By: Glenn Silvestre
Source: Open Talk Magazine  12/12/2010

Summary: As a role model, children learn from their fathers and mothers, and their actions.

They emulate the desirable behavior and then discard the undesirable. Therefore knowing yourself, and how others perceive you, is essential when your children are learning from you both directly and indirectly.

Your children need to be taught right from wrong and see it demonstrated on a daily basis by their father.

When considering the responsibilities of fathers, it’s important to remember that no one is perfect.

We are all human and, at times, we do make mistakes. But the important thing to teach is: we can learn by our mistakes and try to avoid making the same mistakes over-and-over again.

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