Elle MacPherson Styles Italian Denim Brand

2 Feb

Photos Courtesy/ Wenn

Elle MacPherson was snapped leaving Rosso restaurant in Manchester, England. Elle MacPherson wore MET Eco Pelle skinny jeans. I love her shoes give’s this outfit a nice pop to it!

This is something I would absolutely wear. I love playing up a pair of jeans with a nice stiletto. Now finish the look off with a nice tailored jacket, and scarf of your choice.

Accessories can play up any outfit. So don’t be afraid to have fun!

I’ve always loved the look of leather jeans but I didn’t want a full pair of pants that were made entirely from real leather. This pair works out perfectly because they are more light weight than real leather and a lot more breathable and stretchy. But the bonus is they look and feel exactly like real leather.

The material is incredible, they are 75% cotton and 25% polyurethane and they are made to feel just like leather. They even have that matte and wrinkle effect like real leather.

The sizing on MET Jeans I find to run a little on the smaller side in comparison to most premium denim brands.

They are an Italian denim brand which doesn’t really get much mention, but they definitely should!

If you looking for something different from what you see at the malls. This is the jeans of your choice. Be that girl that dares to stand out from the rest.

Besides who wants to look like every other girl out there!

Met Jeans



The surprisingly simple Met Jeans basic line includes three 100% stretch variations. They are suited for any occasion and don’t have any restrictions or limits, allowing them to satisfy the most demanding requirements by providing wearability and movement.

This line makes way for jersey inspired by Met Jeans’ denim tradition by giving the rigorously slim 5-pocket model more colours and greater comfort. The colour range focuses on bright nuances for those women who love exclusive, fashionable comfort with intense, substantial shades.

This line boasts all fits. Slim, soft, boyfriend and carrot denim created based on a delicate, timeless colour card for items whose linear wearability is made unique by the interesting effect of mini zippers on pockets and the bottom to underline the constant search for that trendy detail.

Experimental research is expressed by the introduction of B stretch shaping fabric. Created based on a super slim fit with a sheath effect, these pieces emphasize a woman’s figure by enhancing it. Yellowed washing is reminiscent of traditional denim. Overalls become chic as they are enriched with fur details for a stylish, everyday appearance.


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