Healthy Eating: Living The Heart-Healthy Way

9 Feb

Nobody you know of in your family has ever had heart problems, and so you feel that it’s of no concern to be aware of the risks living an unhealthy lifestyle can cause. Suddenly you’re finding it more difficult to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling as if you’ve just ran a marathon. It’s time to pull up your socks and get to thinking about how to live the heart-healthy way.

What is World Heart Day? The World Heart Day was created only to inform people about the seriousness of heart disease and stroke—both which are the leading causes of death globally. This year, World Heart Day falls on September 26, 2010. Statistics show around 17.1 million people die of cardiovascular diseases every single year and at least 80% of these deaths occur in developing countries alone. The World Heart federation works tirelessly to educate people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and regular exercise.  Here are a few tips you can adopt every day, which are guaranteed to make a difference for you and your family: Read More……

Written By: Sanjana George

Source: Open Talk Magazine  12/12/2010


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