Open Talk: Make Up Beauty Tips For Spring

16 Feb

Image licensed by Pavel Bernshtam |


To perfectly match the explosions of colours and radiant hues that globally renowned designers have expertly crafted to complete the Spring Collection of 2011, an equally playful beauty look is stylishly appropriate. Poppy, diaphanous, and flowing fabrics cue in the strokes of jewel pink smoky eyes, translucent brows, and the mixing and matching of all ranges of candy colours. Easy and carefree hairstyles also come faultlessly harmonized with these, such as an effortless bun, and the entire vibrant spring ensemble is off and ready to go.

Fresh colours for facial make-up can flawlessly suit a spring outfit but one has to be careful in not overdoing it. A classic example of looking unsullied and chic at the same time is by applying an eyeful of gentle pink shades in cream-form that can be blended toward the lids and underneath the lower lash line. On top, an even lighter eye shadow can be dusted around to smoke out the eyes, giving off a sultry effect.

To create depths, a black liquid liner can provide a thin etching on the inner rims and along the upper lash line, before smudging it to intensify already mascara-coated lashes. The finishing touch is a light neutral shade of lipstick which comes alive with shiny gloss. READ MORE………..

Written By: Nicole Maglaque
Source: Open Talk Magazine  15/02/2011


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