Paris Hilton Celebrates 30th Birthday

17 Feb

Paris Hilton has been given a luxury sports car by her boyfriend as a 30th birthday present.

The reality TV star, who may not enjoy the fact she has reached the milestone, looked happy as CY Waits presented her with the bright yellow Lexus, the Daily Star reports.

Earlier this week, Hilton – an heiress for the hotel chain of the same name – held early celebrations for her birthday, which is today (February 17th), in the shape of a party and a Valentine’s Day meal with Waits.

His generosity may inspire car finance seekers to purchase a motor for their loved ones, but it is unlikely such an A-List cast will witness the occasion.

Among the guests at Hilton’s party were rapper Lil Wayne and comedienne Kathy Griffin – and The Simple Life star seemed delighted with the celebrations as she later tweeted: “So amazing when Lil Wayne stopped by to give me a birthday present. Everyone at the party loved seeing him!”

Summary: Hollywood socialite, Paris Hilton celebrated her 30th birthday in the Hollywood Hills, California with her boyfriend Cy Waits and friends. 30-year-old Hollywood personality chose a Moulin Rouge themed birthday party and enjoyed the night with 300 guests.


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