Jessica Simpson Hired Celebrity Trainer

25 Feb

Jessica Simpson may be walking down the aisle for a second time, but hopefully it will be the last. The pop star has taken a beating in the media lately for the change in her appearance, and even though she has always seemed comfortable with herself, much like Kate Middleton, she has begun a pre-wedding workout routine.

Although she has yet to announce a date or major plans for the big day, Simpson has reportedly hired celebrity trainer Tracy Andersen in order to get fit, according to Us Weekly.

“She wants to look healthy,” Tracy told Us Weekly. She added that Jessica, 30, “is in the mind-set that this is a big, forever lifestyle shift.”

Simpson received a three stone diamond and ruby engagement ring from fiancé and former NFL player, Eric Johnson in November, who already enjoys a vegan lifestyle, prompting Jessica to try her hand at cooking a Tofurkey this past Thanksgiving.

Celebrity/ Newsroom

Summary: Jessica Simpson has hired Gwyneth Paltrow’s ubertrainer Tracy Anderson to get her in shape for her upcoming wedding, but she claims her workout is nothing new.


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