Amy Winehouse Promo Shot’s:Trademark Eyeliner And Bouffant Hair

8 Mar

Looking healthy and happier than ever, Amy Winehouse looks like a different woman in her first promotional shots in over three years as she attempts to get her career back on track.

The trademark eyeliner and bouffant hair are still there but the singer appears to have turned a corner after finally kicking her well-documented drug habit.

The singer now insists she has been drug-free for a year.

She told Look magazine: ‘I’ve finally escaped from hell. Before I came out here I looked at a photo of myself in the paper and was horrified.

I’m looking forward to her new album hopefully out later this year.

Summary: Amy Winehouse is known for many things: crazy hair, sexy retro makeup, and a sultry singing voice. While her personal life may be a bit of a mess, her super sexy and fun cat eye is perfectly on point for a fun night out or for a celebrity halloween costume. Watch this tutorial to learn how to copy her retro look and you will be sure to be a hit.

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