Jersey Shore: Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro Cursed By Reality Tv

3 Apr

The season finale of Jersey Shore was last week and there was plenty of drama! So much so they needed to have a reunion special to wrap up some loose ends and fill us in on everything they couldn’t fit into the show! In case you missed the Jersey Shore reunion tonight, we have a recap for you right here!

As the season wrapped up last week, we saw Sammi and Ron fight as usual, Vinny showed more of his new jerk-side he’s been trying out, Mike instigated some more drama, and everyone else was just kind of along for the ride. They parted ways and are meeting up in Italy this summer, but they all got together to discuss this past season.

A main part of every good reunion show is to recap some of the scenes they didn’t air. The Jersey Shore reunion included an appropriate group of clips: spray tanning! These guys talk about tanning all the time, but we really don’t see just how much time these guys spend getting their [spray] tan on. Not every tan is a good tan, as we learned when we saw a bad spray job Deena got. She was splotchy and WAY too dark, and had to try to wash it off the best she could. Snooki stated she’s more offended by being called pale than by anyone making fun of her for being too tan.

Speaking of Ms. Polizzi, Snooki was the first one up on the chopping block to discuss her time on the shore this past summer. The main topic of conversation, of course, was her relationship with Vinny. She explains that she used to really like Vinny, but as we all saw Vinny turned into quite the jerk as the season progressed. It turned her off, and now she says she doesn’t care. Vinny called her bluff, but her mannerisms really seemed to suggest she was over Vinny’s games.

From teasing to true love, we next caught up with JWoww. She’s still with Roger (yay for healthy relationships!) and says she was really shocked that she developed such strong feelings for him so fast. She talks about Tom, her crazy ex, and that her relationship with him was over a long time ago but she stayed with him because she felt bad. She’s better off now with Roger (and looking fantastic!) so JWoww easily gets the award for most successful summer on the shore.

Up next is Mike “The Situation”. The conversation starts light, highlighting his antics with Jenni’s dogs, but quickly took a more dramatic turn when they begin discussing his tendencies to stir up trouble. Vinny and Pauly take back the nickname he gave him for always ratting people out “The Snitchuation” and replaced it with a more fitting one — “The Instigation”. Starting problems with people seemed to be Mike’s MO this summer, but he swears he never did anything to intentionally cause problems for anyone. JWoww hit the nail on the head, though, when she said that he just likes to stir up trouble and then sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch sh*t hit the fan. Snooki and Sammi follow suit chiming in that he really did seem to go out of his way to get involved with people’s business (especially between Ronnie and Sam). Mike refutes that all he is doing is calling people out on their BS, because that’s how he is, but he certainly doesn’t seem to take it well when people call him out on his. The housemates admit they love him but can never tell what his intentions are when he starts putting people on blast.

Deena, the newbie to shore this year, discusses how it was definitely the best summer of her life. Despite the fact that she was on the ground more than she was standing some nights, she had a great time and made some great friends. Even Sammi admitted that while she didn’t like Deena at first, she now loves her and thinks she is one of the nicest people she knows. The only thing she didn’t like about her time at the Jersey Shore house was the nasty (seriously, nasty) rumor that was started about her at the barbershop. Gross!

And of course they saved the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) for last. Sammi and Ronnie, once again, made an otherwise lighthearted situation extremely tense. Sam admits she didn’t trust Ronnie going into the summer because of Miami. They cover all the ridiculous Sam and Ronnie moments from the summer from the day they got there to the day they left. Ronnie feels like all his tears (and there were a lot of them!) were wasted on her. They discuss the double standards, and there were a lot of them. At one point when they were discussing the texting situation and who hooked up with who, when, where, whatever. You start to see the fire build up in Ronnie’s eyes, but he pulls it back. They claim they aren’t together, because the relationship was obviously toxic and unhealthy, but who knows what the future holds (which let’s hope is nothing!).

As with the entire season, the reunion was the Ronnie and Sam show. Compared to the other housemates, they got significantly more time on the couch. Pauly and Vinny didn’t even get any individual time to talk, instead chiming in on everyone else’s moments. It just goes to show that drama really is what that show is all about, and if MTV has anything to do about it there will be a lot more drama as the crew heads to Italy this year (maybe…).

But despite the slight blow up between Sammi and Ron, this season’s Jersey Shore reunion was uneventful and pretty stale. Could this be the end of Jersey Shore?

What did you guys think of this past season and the reunion tonight? Let us know what you think and take a look at this video of how Pauly gets his hair like that every single time!



Summary: They’ve entertained us for hours on end, but these reality show stars have been cursed by reality television and it’s no laughing matter.

Sweethearts no more! Sammi (Sweetheart) Giancola and Ronnie Magro have called it quits on their volatile relationship just as season 3 of ‘Jersey Shore’ kicks off, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The pair, who first hooked up during season 1 on the set of MTV’s hit reality show, have each taken to the Web to announce their split.

Giancola unfriended all of Magro’s associates on Facebook, a source told ET, and he started tweeting about ‘Single Ronnie’ just last week.

They are done,’ a source close to the on-again-off-again lovebirds told Us Weekly. According to the source, there has been ‘major tension’ between the duo while they promote the third season.


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