Video Sneak Peak: Angelina Jolie’s New Jewelry collection Line

10 Apr

A video sneak peak by Juliens Gallery and Auction House of Angelina Jolie’s New Jewelry Collection in Collaboration with Robert Procop has been uploaded and released online. The collection is dubbed as “Style of Jolie” and features the work and design of the two collaborators for the past nine months.

A couple of months ago, it was announced that Angelina Jolie was collaborating with jewelry designer Robert Procop on a jewelry line called… wait for it… The Style of Jolie. Now, you might say to yourself, “Hey, doesn’t Angelina wander around in burlap sack dresses most of the time? Is she really known for her fabulous taste in jewelry?” Exactly. While Angelina’s style choices – both in fashion and jewelry – can be hit or miss (to put it nicely), Angelina’s collaboration does have benefits. First of all, we all get to laugh at The Style of Jolie. Secondly, a percentage of the proceeds from The Style of Jolie will benefit one of Angelina’s charities, Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

And now we have a preview! Oh, you will not believe how happy this has made me. The video preview has interviews with the men hosting this exhibition/auction/private sale event (I think?), and with Robert Procop, who says in part, “What we’re showing here is a collection that Angelina and I have been working on for the last nine months…Building not only a part of her style but real artistic forms using gemstones as the centerpiece. But our main mission is helping children in crisis by educating children around the world.”



Summary: Looks like Angelina Jolie is adding one more title to her already growing list (working mom, actress, goodwill ambassador): jewelry designer.

This is the second jewelry line Jolie has released with Procop. Last year, Jolie and Brad Pitt released a limited-edition collection of 10 pieces with Asprey.

However, don’t go looking for Jolie’s designs in stores: The pieces will be sold privately through Procop’s network of clients. Just like her previous collection, all proceeds will go to her charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.




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