Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton’s Family Up Close & Personal In Photos

13 Apr


Michael Middleton: Kate’s father, Michael, is a handsome 61-year-old with salt-and-pepper hair, and is most comfortable in his country casuals—he is the rock-steady grounding force in the family, the linchpin that keeps them together. By Stefan Rousseau/WPA Pool/Getty Images.



Michael came from a privileged background; his ancestors were wealthy wool merchants from Yorkshire who left a considerable trust fund which enabled Michael and his three brothers to be educated privately. From Fox Photos/Getty Images.



Today, in her trademark tight jeans and knee-high boots, Carole is often mistaken for Kate’s sister, and she advises her daughter on new trends and styles. Ahead of the wedding, Carole is determined to be in the best possible shape: she is following the protein-based Dukan Diet, lunching on cottage cheese and prawns in a bid to shed pounds. Who can blame her? She knows the world’s press will be analyzing her outfit and her every move. From PA Photos/Landov.




Carole Middleton: Carole’s ancestors were coal miners; her great-grandfather Thomas Harrison worked in the pit. From SSPL/Getty Images.




Pippa Middleton: Just 20 months younger than Kate, Pippa mingled in the “right” circles at the University of Edinburgh and dated JJ Jardine Paterson, heir to the Hong Kong banking dynasty. During prep school, Pippa was considered the more outgoing, sassier, and prettier sister of the two. From Ikon Pictures Ltd./Rex/Rex USA.




James Middleton: Kate’s brother, James, is a known flirt on the social scene, but has never had a long-term relationship with any of the society beauties he is often seen out with. He was the subject of tabloid lampooning in 2008 when photographs of him wearing one of Kate’s dresses and makeup as a joke leaked; and in April 2009, when he drunkenly urinated on the street while celebrating his 22nd birthday with his family. From John Frost Newspapers.


Under the intense British media spotlight, Kate Middleton’s family have been tagged as gauche climbers, their every misstep magnified. So why does Prince William like his soon-to-be in-laws so much? In the April 2011 issue of Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl talked to intimates of Kate’s entrepreneurial parents—the ambitious, fun-loving Carole and down-to-earth Michael—as well as some friends of younger sister (and sometime rival) Pippa and flirtatious brother James. Herewith, an annotated scrapbook of the Middleton family’s key players.

Vanity Fair Online Website



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