MTV Realty Star: Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Slims Down

21 Apr

Twitter Pic

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has slimmed down. But how did the reality star lose weight — the “17-Day-Diet?” “Dukan Diet?” JWoww better look out; there’s a new sheriff in town, and she is thin.

She’s no longer the half-pint overweight lover of the high-flying MTV reality television series.

She’s frequently the butt of the jokes on late night television like “Letterman,” but the chick with the attitude is having the last laugh.

She’s been battling weight issues since high school, and at one point was rumored to be down to 80-pounds. The eating disorder, just like the one Disney’s Demi Lovato is battling currently, nearly consumed her.

But the 23-year-old Seaside Heights diva made a promise to work on her weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It appears she made the right choices by the photo. Fans were beginning to wonder where she was, except when she made a few cameo appearances recently.

Here’s the slim-downed tweet to her fans:

“Ready for Summaaa!!! Water is my new best friend. #dieting.”

With the new body, the “Jersey Shore” star can concentrate on life away from Seaside Heights in her upcoming series with co-star, JWoww, due out in 2012.

As far as how Snooki lost the weight and trimmed down her body, it appears the “17-Day Diet” or the “Dukan Diet” was not part of the plan. Looks like plain ole water did the trick, sort of. Or maybe water has replaced gin and juice?


What do you think about Snooki’s new weight loss?


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