Perfect Snack Treat: Lyzabeth’s Ultimate Trailmix BODYFEL

5 May

Lyzabeth Lopez

Overall Goal:  To stay healthy and fit as a lifestyle and to motivate others to do the same through my video blogs & my workout xoxo

Personal Info And Background:

Real Name:
Lyzabeth Lopez
Toronto, Ont, Canada
Active Living Coordinator, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Dance Teacher, Model, Producer
Personal Website:
Primary Gym:
High School:
When I Started:
How I Started:
Began lifting weights at 12 years old:))) Been hooked ever since….
Why I Love It:
….there’s nothing like it… it’s my morning coffee….and it keeps me fitting in my skinny jeans, lol:)
How I Stay Motivated:
…it’s second nature…
BB Accomplishments:
Magazine Features in: Oxygen Planet Muscle Muscle Mag Muscle News FAME (Cover) Inside Fitness FAME PRO Card in: Fitness and Fitness Model Fitness and Bodybuilding Judge for: FAME FUP Canadian Classic CFMC (in ass with IFBB)
Forum Signature:
The only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves.

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