Singer Shania Twain Grabs Cover of Redbook Magazine June 2011

6 May

45-year-old singer Shania Twain covers the June 2011 issue of ‘Redbook’ magazine, which will be available on newsstands Tuesday (May 17). Check out these excerpts that were pulled from Shania’s interview!

On betrayal:

“Being betrayed is one of the most valuable lessons life can teach. Now that you are wise to the game, you have the tools to choose your friends more carefully and protect your inner circle from these predators. Wear your scars like a badge. Someone hurt you, you lived through it, and now you can talk about it without rage and revenge in your heart.”

On regaining her voice:

“When my marriage broke down, I got so physically constricted that I couldn’t get any volume out at all. . . . I realized I couldn’t live without singing and had to do something about it. This is why I was like, ‘Just get it all out right now. Clean the pipes.’”

On how she knew husband Frederic Thiebaud was right for her:

“I got to observe Fred going through the same thing I was, and I admired how he handled it. That is where I fell in love with him, because he was so exemplary in every way.” “He’s attentive, brighter than God should ever allow any one man to be, funny, romantic, and cute as heck. Most of all, he shows what he feels, and that’s a quality that could come in any shape or size and be admired—it just so happens that Fred has a very gorgeous shape. He’s too good to be true, only he’s real! Good for me, is all I can say, and I’m loving every minute of it.”

Redbook Magazine

Summary: How Shania Got Her Groove Back

Three years ago, Shania Twain’s marriage and one of her best friendships ended in a single scandalous blow when she learned that her husband of 14 years, music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, was having an affair with her close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Now Shania’s got a new book (her autobiography, From This Moment On), a new TV show (Why Not? With Shania Twain for the OWN network), and a new love in her life (she’s married to her friend’s ex-husband, businessman Frédéric Thiébaud). No wonder she’s glowing!

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