Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo Shoe Christmas Ornament Has Sold Out

11 May

Alexander McQueen: Armadillo Shoe Ornament





Item# 80-011702 

Award Winner


Alexander McQueen (British, 1969–2010) was one of fashion’s most influential, imaginative, and inspiring designers at the turn of the millennium. In landmark collections presented over a prolific 19-year career, he challenged and expanded our understanding of clothing beyond utility to a conceptual expression of culture, politics, and identity. Trained in Savile Row, he produced iconic silhouettes—the crinoline, the pannier, the corset—while subverting traditional tailoring and dressmaking practices. His astonishing and extravagant runway presentations suggested avant-garde installation and performance art. Among his recurring themes and narrative concepts were Victorian England and the Byronic anti-hero as well as the dark undercurrents of nature. Whether they showcase skulls, tartan plaids, reptile skin, butterflies, or feathers, McQueen’s extraordinary creations celebrate his deep engagement with the sublime. Our Armadillo Shoe figurine was expressly made for the exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beautyat The Metropolitan Museum of Art and adapts one of McQueen’s most avant-garde designs.© Alexander McQueen / MMA. Produced in cooperation with Alexander McQueen.

Cast resin, hand painted with snakeskin pattern. 3 1/4”L x 4”H x 1 1/2”D.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Online Website

Summary: A tiny piece of Alexander McQueen is available for your Christmas tree – a miniature version of his iconic, eye popping Armadillo shoe — if the Metropolitan Museum of Art can keep it in stock.

The tiny version of the bizarre, alien-like shoe, made famous by Lady Gaga and by a horrified model who refused to walk down the runway for fear of her safety, has sold out at Met’s Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit.

In 2009, fashion critics were stunned by the extraterrestrial, 10-inch high heels that McQueen sent down the runway in Paris.

Lady Gaga wore the shoes in her “Bad Romance” video.

The tiny shoe ($25) is temporarily backordered, as is the Savage Beauty Jellyfish Armadillo magnet ($5.95) which is shaped like the wild, iridescent boot from the McQueen’s famous runway show.

McQueen inspired journals and other magnets are also sold out.



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