Nick Cannon Talks Twins And Mariah Carey On Lopez Tonight Show

12 May

Nick Cannon stopped by Lopez Tonight to talk about his baby twins and wife Mariah Carey – hey, shouldn’t Cannon be with his wife and kids rather than appearing on a talk show?

Ever the workhorse, Cannon talks with George Lopez about his new comedy special, but also excitedly chats about being a new dad.

Cannon says he’s “still a little nervous,” about fatherhood, but “it’s cool… to see children with your eyes.”

Nick Cannon also explains how they came up with their kids’ names, noting, “the names are special.”

“Monroe,” Cannon explains, “My wife has always loved Marilyn Monroe… I think the name is beautiful, it’s a strong name for a woman.”

Nick explains his son’s unique name: “My son’s name is a strong African name, Moroccan. We call him Roc for short.”

Cannon talks about the Moroccan inspired furniture in their home, explaining he proposed to Mariah in their Moroccan room.

Lopez jokes that his daughter would have been named Ikea if they were inspired by furniture!

On the birth day, Cannon said he got lost in the hospital and talks about being in the delivery room, noting, “I have a great respect for women” after seeing what they go through, saying, “I almost passed out three times.”

Cannon said the twins are “doing amazing,” adding, “We should be bringing them home any day now.



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