Beauty Tip: How To Remove Make Up From Your Skin

23 May

If you do nothing else in the way of grooming before you drop dead in the bed, take a minute or two to remove your makeup. Going to sleep with your makeup on is a surefire way to feed pimples that might be waiting under the skin for a couple of clogged pores to give them the opportunity to grow. The process doesn’t have to be a big ordeal using an array of fancy steps and products. Keep it simple and clean.

Soap and Water

If you’re in a phase that leaves you vulnerable to acne attacks, you’re probably already wearing makeup that’s noncomedogenic and doesn’t cause the dreaded breakouts. Non-oily makeup comes off rather well with plain old soap and water. Work up a lather using a mild soap that has little or no chemicals in it. Try a bar soap that contains tea tree oil for clean, anti-acne results. Gently massage the lather on your face with your fingertips and then splash with water to rinse. Get off all the soap residue and pat dry. Hit the sheets with your face just a little damp to take advantage of the extra fluids that feed your soft, smooth skin.

Brand-Name Creams

Slather your face with a brand-name moisturizing lotion that you’ve already tested and doesn’t cause irritation to your skin. According to American Academy of Dermatology doctors, stick with well-known name brands because the manufacturers invested heavily in the research and development to create products that instill a sense of loyalty in their customers. Apply the lotion on your makeup-ed face, then use a cotton pad or soft cotton cloth to wipe it — and your makeup — away. Use clean cloths for this job so that you don’t rub dirt or bacteria into your face. Once makeup is removed, you won’t need to moisturize again because you’ve multi-tasked. Go ahead and crash without applying more lotion.

Specialty Removers

Cosmeceuticals designed specifically to remove makeup work well because they’ve been tested, and they’re manufactured with ingredients that break through the oils and color found in makeup. Moisten a cotton pad, cotton ball or clean white non-abrasive cloth with the makeup remover and gently swipe off the residue on your face. Use strokes that glide away from the center of your face. Turn the pad or cloth so that each swipe uses a clean surface.


Baby oil, petroleum jelly and specially formulated makeup removers are all well and good and will take off your makeup. But you still need to gently wash your face after using any of those products, especially to remove any residue around your eyes. According to DC Area Eye Care, any leftover makeup remover, no matter how “natural,” leaves particles that can damage your eyes. But use the specialty removers only on those nights when you went super-heavy on the eye makeup that calls for a little extra remover power just in those areas. Then go ahead and wash your entire face with your gentle cleanser.


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