Fashion Tips: Shopping For Petite Clothing Styles

24 May

We may not have the height of runway models, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look just as stylish. If you are under 5 feet 4 inches, chances are you should be shopping for petite clothing styles. Being on the shorter side means you have to take into account your body shape and your height. Some petite women are bigger on top, while others are more bottom-heavy. Although shopping for flattering clothes may prove to be a challenge at times, you can find amazing styles that suit your body.


Fitted tops are well-suited for petite figures. Anything too billowy or loose-fitting will overwhelm women with small frames and make them appear shorter. Look for tailored shirts and blouses with structure. Open necklines like V-neck and scoop-neck shirts elongate the upper body. Turtlenecks and crew necks are two styles to avoid, as they both add width instead of length to your upper body. Stick to solid-colored tops, which won’t overwhelm your petite frame. If you opt for stripes or patterns, keep fabric embellishments to a minimum.


Shopping for pants can be slightly tricky, but don’t let this deter you. Just like picking a top, look for pants that are tailored and show off your body at the right angles. Boot-cut and straight-leg styles won’t overwhelm your small frame. Wide-leg pants add bulk and shrink the appearance of your legs. Pants that sit right on top of your hips are the most flattering to your shape. Avoid high-waisted pants because they cover up your torso and distort your proportions. Stay away from cropped pants, as they only make your legs appear shorter. Pants that fall close to your shoes are the right length to elongate your legs.

Skirts and Dresses

Just because you are on the short side doesn’t mean you have to skip skirts and dresses. As a general rule, the shorter the skirt, the longer your legs will appear. Miniskirts show the most leg, and therefore add a few inches to your height. For occasions that require something more elegant, choose skirts that hit at the knee or a few inches above. Avoid calf-length skirts as they are not flattering on small frames. By only showing a few inches of your leg, this skirt ends up making you appear heavier and wider. For long dresses and skirts, form-fitting styles are more flattering than loose-fitting and billowy fabrics.


An easy way to add a few inches to your height is by wearing heeled shoes. Stilettos are certainly fashionable and flattering, but you can achieve a heightening look with platformed wedges or shoes with a smaller heel. If heels are not for you, try a pair of basic flats but avoid styles with ankle straps or ties that go up your leg. These added embellishments make your legs and overall height appear shorter. During the summer months, look for sandals that have minimal design and don’t overpower the rest of your ensemble.


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