RHOC: Vicki Gunvalson Talks Personal Life And Marriage Issues

27 May

The “Real Housewives” star talks about having her personal life and marriage issues filmed. Plus, get the scoop on the show’s finale!

Vicki Gunvalson has learned the hard way how much tension can be put on your personal life when you’re on a hit reality show like ‘Real Housewives of Orange County.’ In a new interview with CNN, Vicki says when she first started the reality show she and Don “didn’t have 90 percent of the problems that we have now and I truly believe it is the show.”

“[W]e had a good foundation. We really felt like we could battle it and the reality was I got too busy for him. My business in itself – I have 400 agents and 12 employees and I’m at the office a lot because I was trying to film TV in there and then he felt deflated… the center of my universe was not my husband. I didn’t have anything left for him and we grew distant. If I didn’t have the show I would have had more time for him. That’s the reality.”

Although she’s putting a lot of blame on a TV show for her marriage going down the crapper, she knows the drama comes with the territory.

“Look there’s gonna be divorces and there is gonna be deaths like when Lou Knickerbocker died. We didn’t expect that. [T]his is the reality and if you are throwing your life on a reality TV show, you have to be prepared for the consequences.”

Vicki sounds like she’s quick to blame all of the outside influences that she thinks ruined her marriage instead of just looking at herself. I’m sure the show and stardom has a lot to do with it, but I highly doubt it was the main nail in the coffin.

celebrity/ Newsroom

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