Beauty Tips: How To Wear Your Make Up For A Job Interview

28 May


When you are getting yourself ready for a job interview, everything matters, even the way you choose to put on your makeup. You don’t want to doll yourself up like you’re going out for a night on the town, but you also don’t want to risk looking unpolished by showing up at the interview with a bare face. For best results, find a middle ground — somewhere in between nothing and heavily made up.



Dab on concealer to cover up any dark areas on your face. Follow up with a application of foundation that matches your skin tone. Dust your whole face with transparent face powder to set the stage for the rest of the makeup.



Select eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick in low-key, neutral shades that match with your hair, skin tone and eyes to keep things conservative. Don’t try to match your makeup to your outfit.



Swipe on neutral eye shadow, using light colors to highlight under the brow area and on the lid, and darker colors in the crease. Apply eyeliner with a light touch. Avoid thick, heavy lines or liquid liner, which can come off as harsh. Stick with mascara on the top lashes only, with extra attention to the lashes at the outer corner of your eyelid to give them an uplifted look.



Pop a smile and color the area directly underneath the apples of your cheeks with a few strokes of blush. Again, make sure it blends well with your coloring. Apply a neutral lipstick. Nix the deep reds or hot pinks — not an interview look.


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The same goes for your fingernails. If you like a little color on your nails, keep it conservative for the interview.


When it comes to eye makeup, lipstick and blush, go for products with descriptors such as “cream,” “matte” and “translucent” to nail the most natural look.


Investigate your eyebrows. Calm unruly brows with eyebrow gel. Fill them in with a colored pencil if they’re too light or too sparse.


Frosted, iridescent, overly bright or heavily lined — don’t do it. None of it looks good for a job interview.


Don’t refresh your lipstick or powder your nose during the interview. Do it before and live with it.


Forgo globby, thick mascara. Less really is better.

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