Rob Lowe Defames Sarah Jessica Parker On Graham Norton Show

2 Jun

Parker’s ex boyfriend Rob Lowe and ex-co-star Bradley Cooper didn’t have very nice things to say either.Lowe and Cooper went on The Graham Norton Show in England where Rob was promoting his book, Stories I Only Tell My Friends. Turns out Rob used to date Sarah and she was upset that he failed to mention in the book that her eyes were blue. She didn’t say it to his face – Sarah told a third person who told Lowe. So what does Rob say? He called her a bitch. Whoa! Then Bradley Cooper chimes in to say that when he was doing a kissing scene with her, he was told – by a third person – that he wasn’t allowed to kiss her with tongue. (Why? We can’t figure that one out at all! It’s Bradley Cooper!) Sarah just loves those third party intermediaries. Maybe that’s why she has the nanny walking the kids. No direct contact. Makes perfect sense.


Summary: Last Friday, while making the international press rounds for their new projects (a memoir and a little record-breaking film called The Hangover Part II, respectively) Rob Lowe and Bradley Cooper were among the guests on the U.K.’s ever popular Graham Norton Show.

As expected, the boys were all charm and prime time-appropriate banter—that is, until Sarah Jessica Parker’s name happened to come up.


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