Pop Singer Lady Gaga Is A Fashion Icon By Council Of Fashion Designers

15 Jun

Pop singer Lady Gaga is a fashion icon.

With so many people already expecting Lady Gaga to be officially given a fashion-related award, news of the pop star being named a fashion icon by the Council of Fashion Designers of America isn’t really something we would call news.

But it has really happened, and the attention-seeking performer has officially become relevant to the fashion world.

It’s one thing to be featured in fashion magazines because your face helps move issues on the newsstands, it’s another to be recognised and honoured by an organisation of established designers for your eccentric fashion sense.

What we actually enjoyed about Lady Gaga’s win is her acceptance speech, and the fact that she didn’t play the pretentious, I-know-my-stuff card when she delivered it.

Instead, she spoke truthful, informed, and grateful words for her fans and the CFDA – and likened the ever-changing face of fashion with endless possibilities.

“My fans, some of them don’t know who they are and they have so much trouble. They come to the Monster Ball to find who they are and they wake up in the morning and it’s that leather jacket that makes them feel like they can be anyone.”

“Or it’s that YSL blazer that they saw in the window that makes them feel like they could be president one day. Fashion means so much to them,” the Born This Way singer said.





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