Hair Health: A Curly Girls Secret To Having Beautiful Gorgeous Full Thick Long Hair

30 Jun

What’s your go-to style? Hair up or down? 
“Down and wild.”

Do you have any hair icons that helped inspire your look? 
“Neneh Cherry, Lisa Bonet, and Cree Summer.”

How long did it take to get your hair to this length? 
“It took almost four years. I used to have bangs and crazy layers for years, but I wanted to grow it out to have sexy, hippie hair. It takes forever to grow out tightly curled hair like mine, because it never looks like it’s growing. Curly hair is really is so much longer then it seems. If I straightened my hair, it would probably be past the middle of my back.”

Do you have any secret styling weapons? 
“I cannot go without Paul Mitchell The Conditioner Leave-In Moisturizer. Hands down, it’s the best leave-in conditioner I have ever used. I drench my hair in it! Also, my natural hair color has always been a sandy-blondish color, and growing up in California, I was always in the sun. So, to intensify that color, in the summer I spray on lemon juice and go to the beach. It totally creates a natural ombre look.”

Do you ever flirt with the idea of chopping your hair? 
“I did that once and it was totally Babs in A Star is Born. I wouldn’t do it again because it takes forever to grow.”

What are the hazards to having long hair? Any horror stories? 
“My hair is really wild. So if I walk under trees or something, you better believe that when I wash it, twigs come out in the shower. And one time, I brushed my hand through the front of my hair and there was a bee stuck in it. That freaked me out!”

What do you love about having long hair? 
“I love that it’s like a natural accessory. It goes perfect with my personal style and out of all of my hair-dos, this is my most favorite. It’s so fancy free.”

What’s your everyday hair routine? 
“I wake up and put a little BioSilk Therapy serum in the palm of my hands, run through my tendrils, and go.”

Do you use any special tricks to combat hair issues and keep it healthy? 
“I always deep condition and when I’m in the shower, I detangle my hair with a very wide-tooth comb. I also let my hair air dry (it takes about six hours), so I take a shower at night and go to bed with it wet. When I wake up in the morning, it’s dry and the curls are perfect.”

Besides your hair, what’s your signature makeup look? 
“My signature makeup look is kohl eyeliner from Pakistan (I buy it on eBay), MAC’s Cremeblush in Cheery (it’s been discontinued, but I can still find it online), and Nivea lip balm. My lips are naturally very pink, so if I wear lipstick, I put foundation on my lips first, then apply the color. Sometimes—when I pull my hair back,I wear MAC’s red Ruby Woo lipstick and mascara, and that’s it.”



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