Let Your Jewelry Do The Talking And Be The Topic Of Great Conversation!

6 Jul

Stephen Webster Firework Bangle

I do enjoy fireworks on the 4th of July and in New York City there is a pretty breathtaking display. But in the main I like my light shows to last a little longer. What I mean, of course, is I like my fireworks in jewelry. Stephen Webster, British designer extraordinaire, has combined the two concepts in one spectacular piece of jewelry. Just over 5-carats of sapphires, black and white diamonds burst across this gold bangle. It is a real sparkler.

$30,000; call 310.246.9500



Cartier Evasions Bracelet

In my humble opinion Cartier made some of the best jewelry on the face of the planet during the 1940s. In that era, The Duchess of Windsor sported the French firm’s snazziest styles, several of which look like this new bracelet. The alluring light and dark color combo consists of pink gold, opal and sapphires with black and white diamonds. Dare I say, the designers at Cartier have outdone themselves.

$37,000; call 800-227-8437



Pomellato Victoria Jet and Rose Gold Earrings

When Prince Albert died in 1861, Queen Victoria mourned her beloved in gorgeous jet jewelry. Her passion for the sable-hued material found on England’s coastline inspired women who had not even lost a loved one. Today jewelry is back in black. It provides a strong contrast to any color statement and I could build countless looks around these beautiful earrings.

$3,600; call 800-254-6020



Chopard Animal World Duck Ring

Donovan Hohn’s best-seller Moby-Duck is the author’s real adventure tale as he travels the world to discover the fate of rubber ducks that slipped off a container ship in 1992. The marvelous book manages to cover everything from environmental concerns to the symbolism of the sweet children’s toy. It is as epic as this Chopard rubber duck ring decorated with hundreds of stones, including 618 yellow diamonds, 66 amethysts, 132 tourmalines and 104 sapphires. In my mind, the major jewel is a fitting tribute to those mighty ducks.

Price upon request; call 800-246-7273



Anahita Gold and Labradorite Necklace

Without a doubt, the sexiest necklace length is 20-inches—ending right around your décolletage. Ana Guity Stein’s design is exactly that measurement. A lyrical gold and moody blue Labradorite pendant adds an extra layer of sensuousness. Old world architecture, a subject near and dear to Stein, inspired the design, which is another reason why she set the sexy pendant at the end of a 20-inch chain. It sits close to your heart.

$5,300; ylang23.com



Mary Margaret Lang Vintage Charm Bracelet

I had my first major jewelry experience when I was a ten-year-old flower girl in my aunt’s wedding. For the occasion, my mother accessorized me in my little charm bracelet totally tricked out with mementos from trips across the country and talismans collected along the way. Well, my treasure rang like a little bell when I walked the aisle and at the reception everyone wanted to see my special trinket. That’s when I learned what a great conversation piece jewelry can be. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, I would love to return the favor and give my mother a loaded up charm bracelet like this one from Mary Margaret Lang’s vintage collection. It could break the ice anywhere.

$2,800; mmljewelry.com


Sharon Khazzam Tourmaline, Diamond and Kunzite Bee Earrings

I rotate my jewelry seasonally, the same way I do my clothes. My favorite black hematite ring has been stored away ’till fall and the major turquoise comes out of hibernation when the mercury really rises. For spring I like the pretty palette found here in Sharon Khazzam’s beautiful bee earrings—the fabulous flesh tones would go so well with this season’s wardrobe. It is as refreshing as a pink lemonade.

$9,800; barneys.com


Wilfredo Rosado Gold Lips Ring

The old-school cameo made a major comeback for spring when Dolce & Gabbana and Bottega Veneta sent jewelry depicting women in profile down the runway. Although all the looks were absolutely lovely none were quite bold as this Wilfredo Rosado ring, a design flaunted by Rhianna at the Grammy Awards. It is the perfect combo of edge, elegance and humor. I would love to rock it myself.

$15,0000; at Bergdorf Goodman


Bulgari Ruby and Gold Ring

During an interview for my book Diamonds, Nicola Bulgari used an unforgettable phrase to explain the Italian firm’s playful use of rectangular gems: “We flirt with the baguette.” The romance has clearly gotten serious. Decorated with 28 tapered ruby baguettes, this bold gold ring was turned a dark, sexy night color with a PVD treatment. I know I am in love.

Price upon request; call 800-285-4274


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