Lady Gaga’s Wheelchair Number Upsets Fans At Her Concert In Sydney

14 Jul

Photo by Jakob Dewartz

The controversial wheel-chair number divided critics at the exclusive gig.

Lady Gaga is so weird that we’ve kinda just gotten used to it. Nothing she does really shocks us anymore. Gaga, perhaps sensing that her weirdness has become normal, decided to really make her fans drop their jaws at her concert in Sydney on Wednesday by coming on stage in a wheelchair.

The move did not go over well with those in attendance. After her performance, while leaving a Sydney club, Gaga and her entourage were egged by fans who thought her disability routine was offensive rather than outrageous. Gaga herself wasn’t directly hit by an egg, but her group was, and you can be sure that they were aiming for her, even if they did miss.

It’s not the first time that Gaga has addressed disabilities or used a wheelchair. During the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards she hired an able-bodied dancer for her Paparazzi routine, but the catch was he would be performing in a wheelchair. Gaga also rolled out in a wheelchair in her Paparazzi video, after having been pushed over a railing by her on-screen boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard.

What do you think – was it harmlessly outrageous or highly offensive?

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