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Elle MacPherson Adds Bridal Lingerie To Her Intimate Wear

24 May

Elle MacPherson is adding bridal lingerie to her portfolio of intimate wear.

The Aussie supermodel turned underwear mogul is introducing lacy underthings that “make a bride feel extra beautiful on the day,” reports Women’s Wear Daily.

The collection includes bras, panties, garters and corsets in cream, white and pale yellow.

MacPherson said her line is aimed at “women with their own sense of style, even more so on their wedding day.”

The bras are available up to a G-cup for larger-busted brides.

MacPherson, who introduced Elle MacPherson Intimates in 1990, has some stiff competition.

Victoria’s Secret recently launched a bridal-themed lingerie line, modeled by the then bride-to-be model Lily Aldridge.

She recently tied the knot with Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill.


Summary:  Nice gift ideas for any occasion Elle’s Mac Pherson’s  lingerie line makes great gift ideas for that new bride. Check out the stores listed below for local stores in your area and online websites for further details.

Elle MacPherson’s Intimates, Bloomingdales,  Freshpair, Net-A-Porter, Bare Necessities, Nordstroms


Gisele Bundchen’s Shows Her Brazilian Intimate Lingerie Line

20 May

Gisele Bündchen hits the runway in her own line of lingerie.

Those years as a Victoria’s Secret Angel clearly weren’t wasted on Gisele Bündchen.

The supermodel swapped her wings (she parted ways with the brand in 2007) for feathers and tassels as she presented her new Gisele Bündchen Brazilian Intimate lingerie line for Hope during a May 12 Sao Paolo, Brazil, runway show.

The stunner, who has previously teamed up with Hope for its lingerie campaigns, proudly showed off her designs for the label, including a pale pink satin bra-and-brief set accessorized with a giant bow in back, Lucite platform heels, and a crystal-studded sheer shrug embellished with clusters of champagne-hued fringe.

The Valentine’s Day collection—in Brazil, Dia dos Namorados is celebrated June 12—also revealed a black satin bra with sheer detailing and crisscross straps, which the highest-earning model paired with a dramatic feather headdress, black sequin bow bustle, and dominatrix-worthy gloves and riding crop.

Bündchen also donned a black feather-trimmed set complete with a caged bustle contraption around the waist, while fellow catwalkers took to the runway in neon pink and yellow ruffled getups, animal-print bustiers, and elaborate headgear that would make Princess Bea do a double take.

“Life is made of dreams and I’m very happy to announce that now you will know the Brazilian intimate,” the 30-year-old told attendees. “My dream come true is for Hope. With you, Gisele Bündchen Brazilian Intimate. Enjoy the show.”

Fashion News/Newsroom

Megan Fox And Rafael Nadal In Sexy Armani Denim Ad

25 Jan

Photos:  Giorgio Armani

The Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans campaigns featuring Megan Fox and Rafael Nadal.

Actress Megan Fox and tennis champ Rafael Nadal are helping Emporio Armani turns up the heat with its new underwear and jeans campaign.

Both Fox and Nadal show lots of skin in the black-and-white ads shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot.

This is the second season that Fox will be lending her famous shape to the sexy lingerie and denim brand.

It’s not hard to figure out why the brand has renewed Fox’s contract. The 24-year-old star has been regular fixture on countless men’s magazine’s ‘Hottest” list since 2007.

The blue-eyed “Transformers” star is already the face of Giorgio Armani cosmetics.

This is Nadal’s first time baring it for the cameras. He has endorsed Nike in the past but this is the first time, he’s bared his impressive body for a fashion brand.

The top seeded tennis star had some spicy shoes to fill. He replaced sexy soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo as brand spokesperson.

Before Ronaldo, soccer icon David Beckham had been the body of the brand since 2008.

Becks has since started his own line of underwear.


Summary: Just when we thought that Megan Fox couldn’t get any hotter, the face of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans brings in a new shirtless accomplice.

Tennis pro Rafael Nadal (below) mirrors Fox’s steamy pose in his own ad for the brand’s jeans line for the Spring/Summer 2011 campaign, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Fox has already become a seasoned pro with Armani, previously heating things up with soccer star Christiano Ronaldo, but the steamy shots mark Nadal’s debut with the brand.

The actress is again turning heads with another nearly nude shoot for Armani.

Proudly showing off her sizzling figure, more Megan Fox hotness has hit the web in the form of another new Armani ad.

Following the release of a lingerie-clad shot earlier this week, the “Transformers” hottie can now be seen topless and in tight jeans while showing off her plentiful back tattoo artwork.

Adriana Lima Strikes $2 million Dollar Bra Pose!

2 Nov

Adriana Lima Photo: Slaven Vlasic / 2010 Getty Images

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima unveiled its annual fantasy , jewel-encrusted bra but reduced the price of its holiday catalog highlight for a second year amid a weak, post-recession economy.

With the economy unstable and with sales still down it’s no wonder why they had to drop the price.

The bombshell fantasy bra was adorned with 3000 white diamonds, light blue sapphires, and oval-shaped topazes with a total of 142 carats and a price tag of $2 million.  Making this the most luxurious and expensive bra ever from Victoria Secret.

After motherhood supermodel Adriana Lima show’s off post baby body by revealing the $2 million bombshell fantasy bra in NYC.

Adriana is 29 years old and gave birth to a baby girl named Valentina in November of last year. The supermodel looks amazing after giving birth almost a year ago.

Looking beautiful as she always does Adriana looks amazing and happy to being wearing the newly designed bra by Damiani. The lingerie brand has collaborated with Damiani to create their most expensive bra yet.

This is by far not the first time this hot Brazilian supermodel has worn a million dollar bra for the Victoria Secret brand.

Top 4 Steps To Fitting Your Bra Size

24 Oct

Many women wear bras that do not fit properly.

In fact I learned working for Victoria Secret over 70-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra sizes. I was very shocked to see the major bra lines through woman’s clothing. You want to find a bra that allows you invisible lines under your top or dress. There’s nothing unflattering then a woman with a bra size to big for her.

Bras that are tight, uncomfortable, produce excess flesh spilling out from the tops or sides of the cups, or produce a gap between the cup and the breasts, are not properly fitted bras.

Losing or gaining weight or changing your fat percentage can alter a bra size considerably. Take a few moments to ascertain your bra size to make sure that you have the best possible fit.

  • 1

    Stand at the mirror wearing your bra. With the tape measure resting just under the arm pits, pull the tape measure around the chest from the back until it closes; measure and make note of the measurement. Find the measurement with the tape measure resting comfortably around your chest and not too tight; you should be able to fit one finger between the tape measure and your skin. If this measurement is an even number, write it down. If it is an odd number, round to the nearest even number and write it down.

  • 2

    Move the tape measure down several inches so that it encircles the chest at the fullest point of the breasts. Write this measurement down.

  • 3

    Subtract the first measurement from the second measurement. Every inch difference between these two numbers represents one cup size. For example, if your first measurement was 36 inches and your second measurement was 39 inches, your bra size would be 36C.

  • 4

    Find a bra in this size and test the fit. A properly fitting bra will feel comfortable. If flesh spills out from the sides or tops of the cups, the bra is too small. If the fabric of the cups wrinkles or gaps around the breasts, the bra is too large.

  • SUMMARY: The main reason women wear the wrong bra size is that they don’t go and get properly measured, and I guess I am at fault too, because before I started working at Victoria Secret, I never got measured. Also, it’s because they may think their bust has gotten little bit bigger or smaller, when it could just be the band size that has changed. Maybe their back got wider or narrower.
    Someone who has worn a 34 B for years might get a little bit bigger and buy 34 C when they actually need a 36 B. Unless you get properly fitted, you’re not going to be wearing the correct bra size.
    The do-it-yourself fit guide is very, very simple. It has 2 or 3 steps that you can do it at home, or you can just go and get professionally fitted at a major department store.

    What Is The Secret Behind Victoria Secret

    20 Oct

    Through out the years many have been curious about what is the secret behind Victoria Secret.

    Men fantasized that maybe it’s because the hot lingerie is hiding something secretive that they would love to expose.

    Many women thought that the person behind this great empire had to be a great woman, but the truth behind Victoria Secret is that was created by a man.

    The founder of Victoria Secret was  a man named Roy Raymond in 1977 in San Francisco, California.

    Roy Raymond’s amazing idea came forth as he sat uncomfortably in a lingerie store while waiting for his wife. His idea was to formulate a place where men can shop without feeling uncomfortable.

    Victoria Secret was designed in an environment of trying to make men feel comfortable while shopping for their ladies.

    The design of the stores came with features such as wood-paneled walls and Victorian details.

    The creator Roy Raymond felt this would give men an opportunity to feel comfortable while shopping for seductive lingerie for their girlfriends or wives.

    You would not find racks or shelves of Victoria Secret lingerie, but more of a simple yet unique form of putting bras and panties on display.

    The lingerie was placed together in single styles and mounted on the wall in frames.

    The first store was opened in Stanford Shopping Center and followed with 3 other stores and a mail order catalog.

    Just after 5 years Roy Raymond sold Victoria Secret to the Limited in 1982.

    Victoria Secret`s is known for their elegant yet beautiful Angels.

    Victoria Secret Angels bring sexy and confidence down the runway. Fashion shows are always enticing where you get to see all of your favorite Angels.

    Being one of the top sales person’s for the Seattle store that I worked at my experience working for the retailer was pretty amazing.

    I understand what the brand is about and can appreciate the products that  we come to love as some of our must haves over the years.

    I learned and understand the technology that goes into every bra and panty that is part of the brand.

    The various sensuous fabrics. Amazing details that go into every bra and panty. You can’t help but love the  beautiful designs that are put into ever part of the line. You admire the perfect balance of colors.

    It also provides the perfect balance of styles, shape and lift sizes to every body type.

    The invisible technology that allows every woman to look more flattering in their clothing.  Besides who loves those nasty panty lines and bra lines that shows up through the clothing we wear.

    The invisible technology gives the everyday woman a more desired look. Which then leave’s her feeling good, looking good and walking away feeling sexier then ever.

    That was my experience working in the Northwest Seattle store in Kirkland Washington.

    The make up line and hair line are quite incredible and we can not forget the fragrance line as well that the store provides for their lingerie line that they provide to each and every client.

    I actually always called my store and every Victoria Secret Store out there and we cannot forget the online store. “The one stop shop!” It provides everything under one roof! Making your shopping experience a more pleasurable one.

    Lastly, most women who buy the brand don’t realize that if you have a problem with any bra strap or unraveling the company is really good about giving you new straps or even replacing it if not out of a certain time period of course.

    So the next time you are in your nearest Victoria Secret store or online you will understand the brand and come to appreciate it.

    The secret is…. It was owned and started by a man!  Although he sold it. We have to always remember how it got started being that history is history for a reason.

    My staple product’s from the store is the push up bra’s and the invisible lace panties. I love the way they feel on my skin. I love the amazing fabric they use to give a sexy yet feminine look to my lingerie.

    I respect the technology that goes into every bra never leaving me looking bad under my clothes.

    Lastly, I love the comfortable panties that were created with invisible line technology that was created for a no show look.

    For those that don’t realize that the body sprays were created for layering. So your fragrance last throughout  the whole day. Without having to constantly spray spray spray.

    Leaving you empty before you get started. So the body lotion and body spray go hand in hand for a reason.

    Now for those that never shopped online or had a clue they had a website now you do!

    The many reason’s why I call it the “One Stop Shop!” They provide and amazing collection of clothing from casual all the way to business, and for those who need something fancy for a nice time out.

    You cannot forget their amazing bathing suit line that has become very popular in recent years.

    How about their coats and shoes. I mean they sometimes are to die for! I do anything to get those kind of shoes! They came together with many other popular brands and designers. To show case their personal designs as well.

    I hope you enjoyed my outlook with a little bit of history and job experience down to personally loving the brand as my favorite store of all time! I no longer work for the brand and I haven’t for a couple of years now.

    I hope my post has allowed you to understand and appreciate the brand a little bit easier. For those that don’t have time to shop. Why not visit your online store instead.

    Now with help understanding the brand a little bit better it should allow for a more pleasurable shopping experience.

    What are some of the things you love and can’t live without?

    We all have at least one thing that we love from this brand! So no excuse that you can’t fit the clothing sizes. Which was many of the excuse’s I got while working for Victoria Secret for some it may hold true but there is always something for you regardless.

    That’s where the beauty side of the store come’s into play. The fragrance, hair care line, right down to the beautiful make up designed by the Victoria Secret Model’s personally. The glamour you want right down to the shades you need!

    This brand makes great stocking stuffer’s as well as great gift’s for many to enjoy!

    However, the fragrance part of the store is for everyone no matter what walk of life you come from. You cannot put a size on fragrance.

    Everyone loves to smell nice at least I hope!

    Victoria Secret

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