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Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Skincare- A Complexion Clearing Blend Mask

19 Jul

Elemental Herbology Facial Detox

Online Exclusive


style # 22867758


A complexion-clearing blend of astringent Amazonian clay, exfoliating oat flour and anti-inflammatory manuka honey, aloe and calendula to rapidly regulate spot-prone, irritable skin. Elemental Herbology is committed to responsibly sourcing only premium grade herbs, flowers, minerals and actives, for a formula that’s as kind to the environment as it is to your skin.

* Key ingredients: kaolin, water, beeswax, black tea ferment, manuka honey, cinnamon, aloe, oat kernel flour, fig fruit extract, sunflower seed oil, calendula flower oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, tea tree leaf oil, essential oils

* 2.5 fl oz

* England


The Benefits of Hamadi Hair Care All Natural And All Organic Ingredients

17 Jul

Hamadi Shea Spray 4 oz.

Hamadi Shea Spray is a de-frizzing sun protector for all hair types.


Hamadi Shea Spray is a de-frizzing sun protector for all hair types.

Shea butter protects from the sun’s harmful rays. Kelp fortifies and avocado smoothes. The ultimate sheen spray, send dullness away and shine today!


  • Rosewood – Balancing, stress-reducing, corrects dry or oily skin
  • Ylang Ylang – Revitalizing, mood-enhancing, promotes luxurious hair growth
  • Clary Sage – Relaxing, regenerating, soothes irritated skin

Made with 100% Organic Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. Completely Biodegradable. Absolutely No Artificial Ingredients. No Perfumes or Colors.


Spray on to clean wet hair and blow-dry to eliminate frizz, or spray on to dry hair for a quick fix and extra shine.

Brand: Hamadi
Folica SKU: 002174
Size: 4.00 fl. oz (US)
100%  Guaranteed Authenic

Hamadi Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash 8 oz.

Hamadi Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash is a daily shampoo for all hair types.


Hamadi Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash is a daily shampoo for all hair types.Gentle enough to use every day. Soymilk seals in moisture and proteins. Invigorates and purifies.Essential oils of Ginger, Sweet Orange, and Rosewood. 100% Certified Organic, completely biodegradable, no artificial ingredients, perfumes, or colors. The dimethicone used in Hamadi products is an extract from silica – sand – not from petroleum. Next to oxygen, sand (silica) is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust. Silica is characteristically the element of the mineral kingdom, as carbon is of the organic world.Hamadi products have a 5.5 PH balance. The foaming/sudsing agent is coco-glucoside, which is a combination of coconut oil, palm oil, corn oil, and sugar – all natural. The high chain of soy and rice proteins cause the hair to feel rough and tangled while shampooing but will make the hair follicle soft, silky and smooth upon drying.


Apply to hair, work into a lather and rinse thoroughly.

Brand: Hamadi
Folica SKU: 002166

100%  Guaranteed AuthenicOrder Here-Folica.Com

Hamadi Shea Rice Milk Conditioner 4 oz.

Hamadi Shea Rice Milk Conditioner is a daily detangling conditioner for all hair types.


Hamadi Shea Rice Milk Conditioner is a daily detangling conditioner for all hair types.Gentle enough to use everyday. Shea butter smoothes and moisturizes. Rice proteins nourish and fortify.Made with 100% Organic Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. Completely Biodegradable. Absolutely No Artificial Ingredients. No Perfumes or Colors.


Essential Oils: Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang.


Apply to clean wet hair from ends to roots.  Wait 2-3 minutes, comb through and rinse

Brand: Hamadi
Folica SKU: 002173
100%  Guaranteed Authenic

Order Here-Folica.Com

Hamadi Organics upholds a timeless approach to hair care that promotes a healthy, modern & intelligent sensibility and never compromises quality with artificial ingredients. There moisture-based formulas are custom designed to be luxurious as well as nourishing. Made with 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. No Artificial Ingredients. SLS Free. Cruelty-Free. Paraben Free. Vegan-Friendly. No Perfumes or Colors. Completely Biodegradable, Absolutely luxurious organic hair care. Tested on Actresses, Never on Animals.™

The Benefits of Organic Ingredients

We all know that “going green” is the big trend right now. According to the Organic Farming Research Foundation, over the last 10 years, sales of organic products have increased at least 20% every year. It’s without a doubt that consumers want to be eco-conscious and eco-friendly, but we have to ask…do organic beauty products really work as effectively as non-organic beauty products? And even more importantly, do they leave results? We did some serious research and talked to the hottest organic hair and beauty gurus, including hair stylist Jamal Hammadi and founder, Melissa Christenson and discovered that using organic ingredients isn’t just good for the environment; it’s great for your hair too! Unlike synthetic hair care formulas that can strip your hair of its natural moisture and shine, all-organic shampoos and conditioners, including Hamadi Organics products, contain no harsh chemicals and use earth derived ingredients that are proven to repair, revitalize and rejuvenate your hair! Below are the main organic ingredients used in Hamadi’s line as well as many other eco-friendly beauty products. Check out the benefits! Our favorites are ginger, lemon and ylang ylang!
Aloe Soothing, moisturizing, rejuvenating for skin and scalp; natural humectant – draws in moisture for smooth, sleek hair
Anise – Clarifying, concentration improving, oil controlling, dandruff minimizing
Avocado – Softening, regenerating, smoothing and soothing; rich in vitamins A, D, and E
Bergamot – Uplifting; natural antiseptic; healing for dry itchy scalp, great for shine
Lavender – Healing, calming, balancing, toning for skin and scalp
Clary Sage – Relaxing, regenerating, soothing to irritated skin
Geranium – Stress-relieving, balancing for mind and for skin’s oil levels
Ginger – Stimulating, toning to skin and scalp, antiseptic
Jojoba – Moisturizing, soothing, healing, anti-oxidant
Lemon – Refreshing, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal; great for shine.
Lemongrass – Correcting, oil-controlling, naturally insect-repellant
Palmarosa – Moisturizing, hydrating, stimulating for cell regeneration
Rice Proteins – Strengthening – fortifies hair cuticle, preventing breakage and split ends
Rosemary – Invigorating, balancing, detoxifying, stimulating for circulation
Rosewood – Balancing, stress-reducing, correcting for dry or oily scalp
Tea Tree – Healing, detoxifying, stimulating, antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic
Vanilla – Calming, relaxing, soothing, aphrodisiac
Verbena – Toning, stress-reducing, naturally antiseptic
Vetiver – Healing, tension-relieving for mind and body
Ylang Ylang– Calming, revitalizing, mood-enhancing; promotes luxurious hair growth; great for shine.

If you’re looking for products that offer these great ingredients, check out Hamadi Organics’ online store where you’ll find products infused with ginger, lemon, honey, Shea butter, and much, much more!

Organic Perfumes Crafted By Honore des Pres ‘Love Coconut Fragrance!’

15 Jul

The New York Collection Eau De Parfum

Online Exclusive



This line of luxury organic perfumes, crafted by Honore des Pres master perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, is inspired by Manhattan. Each one is 100% natural, certified organic by Ecocert, and packaged in a paper coffee cup to fully evoke the feeling of being an on-the-go New Yorker.

  • Key ingredients: natural plant extracts, essences and oils
  • 1.69 fl oz
  • Handmade in France

Love Coco: exotic freshness comes from coriander and coconut mixed with tonka bean, bourbon vanilla and white cedar (FRESH)
I Love Les Carrotes: a just-picked unisex scent of raw carrots, sweet orange, butter, bourbon vanilla and patchouli (FRESH)
Vamp A NY: a sensual and addictive blend of tuberose, rum and bourbon vanilla united by benjoin, perou and tolu balms (FLORAL)

This item will ship via UPS Ground and is only available for delivery within the continental United States. Shipment to international locations, U.S. territories, AK, HI, P.O. boxes, APO/FPO addresses and express ship methods are unavailable for this item.

style # 20625141

Order Here:

Makes a great gift ideas for many occasions for that perfect girl who loves 100% organic perfumes!

The scent of summer is one I wish lasted year-round—salty ocean waves, flowers in bloom and fresh farmer’s market fruit, delicious! Capture the essence of this glorious season with Love Coconut Fragrance by Honoré des Prés. Not only does this perfume smell divine, but it’s also 100% organic and packaged in a city-inspired paper coffee cup!

Part of Honoré des Prés We Love NY collection—which also includes a sweet carrot savor and sensual tuberose n’ rum mixture—this coconut concoction was created with an on-the-go, Manhattan lifestyle in mind, hence the cheeky packaging. Despite the urban inspiration, this perfume truly pays tribute to the exotic aroma of a beach escape. Mixing notes of coconut and coriander with tonka bean, bourbon vanilla and white cedar, the formula comes together to create a luxurious, subtle fragrance that is perfect for a night out dancing in the moonlight. Want to give it a go? Spritz Love Coconut on as the finishing touch to your sultry summer look—think: maxi dress, embellished sandals and turban headband—and you’ll fit in seamlessly with the delectable scents of the season. xoRZ

Availability: Honoré des Prés Love Coconut Fragrance ($98). For additional information, visit

P.S. Did you see the latest stop in my Jet-Set Summer Series? St. Tropez! Shop my 10 Riviera-Ready Finds now!

Check Out RZ’s Blog Here!

Karena Dawn And Katrina Hodgson Tone It Up Protein Pancakes

29 Jun

Protein Pancakes!

Low carb, low fat & delicious! (This recipe is part of the Tone It Up Nutrition System!)

A lot of you have been asking about our secret weapon in the morning and how we get our day started. We make our Tone It Up Protein Pancakes!!

They are easy to make and all you need is about 5 minutes!

Protein Pancake Ingredients:

* 1/4 cup egg whites

* 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (organic brown rice protein or whey)- visit your local nutrition store or wholefoods!

* 2 tbs vanilla almond milk or skim

* 1 tsp cinnamon

* 1 tbs flax-seed

* After above ingredients are mixed together add 1/2 banana (mashed)- mash first, then add!!

* Add a handful of fresh or frozen blueberries

Pour into a pan that has been sprayed with olive oil cooking spray- heat on medium. Cook one side until you see the little bubbles… just like cooking any pancake! Flip over (careful!) and cook on the other size until the middle is done (peek inside with a fork).

Top with two sliced strawberries and optional powdered stevia. ENJOY your protein pancakes! :)If you need more carbohydrates, you may add 1-tbs agave or organic maple syrup on top.

Tone It Up Online Website


Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson show you how to make the ToneItUp Protein Pancakes. Subscribe to their channel to get free workouts and also go to Protein Pancakes with Karena and Katrina. Tone up at home using Karena and Katrina’s recipes and workouts.

I came across it from their actual you tube channel so please tune into it if you haven’t already! Very informative and free! Been following them for over a year now! I received great results!

Why Organic Vitamins Are The Best For Healthy Living

23 Nov

People need vitamins for healthy living and for proper functioning of their body parts. The need for vitamins differs from each other depending on certain things such as type of work, age, environmental stress load, genetics, and lifestyle. The vitamins can be obtained from the natural foods as well as from the supplements. The organic vitamins are the best for long-lasting effect and healthy living.

Most of the vitamin supplements are produced from chemicals. The chemicals used are made to mimic the natural properties of vitamins in the natural foods, but as they are synthetic, they do not yield perfect result for the body. The vitamin that is got from the natural food is the perfect one for everyone and they are exactly what everyone needs. Also, natural foods contain other required nutrient for the body.  Organic vitamins are primarily made to enhance the vitamin level in the blood and they also support good health.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to get vitamins from the organically grown foods than the chemically grown foods. If a person does not enough vitamins from the natural foods, then vitamin supplements are highly recommended. Organic vitamin supplements are considered better over synthetic as they do not contain any kind of fillers, additives, and dyes. Some of the inorganic supplements contain animal byproducts, which are very harmful for many people. For example, some people are very allergic to food dyes.

Because organic vitamins are made from natural substances, they contain pure form and highest quality of essential and beneficial nutrients for the body. Organic vitamins prevent the body from being exposed to various kinds of diseases and also cure the body from the existing diseases. Studies show that organic vitamins preserve the nature energy in the body and make people more active and keep people more energized throughout the day.

Non-organic also provide essential nutrients, but the method used for making this vitamin is not natural and hence the body will not be able to get the full vitamins and nutrients from these synthetic supplements.  The unused parts of the synthetic vitamin go wasted and because of this organic whole food vitamins are highly recommended.

The organic vitamins can be easily chosen by carefully looking at the label pasted on it. The ingredients listed on the organic materials should not contain any kind of filler substances. In addition to the organic vitamin, it is better to take natural food items to have a balanced diet. Today, there are special organic vitamins that aim at particular parts of the body such as joints or particular muscles and these types are useful for many sport activities.

Organic vitamins help in faster recovery and provide higher energy required for the body. Organic vitamin is suitable for weight control and organic multivitamin provides several types of benefits for the body. With many choices available in the market, it makes easier for anyone to get more healthy and fresh by just consuming the organic vitamins regularly.

Summary: I absolutely use organic product’s rather it be my organic vitamins  for healthy living or it be my veggies and fruits, skin care, and hair products. I figured if organic’s is the best way to go when it comes to long lasting effects that organics contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

I give my body the best! As I age health has become number one in my life. I figured healthy life mean’s a long life of health and wellness.

Remember we are what you eat! That is food for thought!

You can pick of Organic Vitamins from any health store. (GNC, Whole foods, Vitamin shoppe, Trader Joe’s are to name a few.)

Third Day Hair: Making The Most Out Of Your Curly Products

27 Oct

Jane Carter Solution Products- Replenshing Shampoo and Conditioner and Revitalizing leave in Conditioner. You can get these products at the online store. These natural hair products are affordable and nice on the pocket book. This is a home grown product. Natural products are less abrasive on the hair that’s why I love this line as well as the Kinky Curly line.

You can also find this product line at your nearest whole foods, Vitamin Shoppe and local beauty supply stores or health stores.

Google it to find out what stores carry it in your neighborhood. I believe some selected Target stores. Jane Carter Solution Products click here.

Kinky Curly products- Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo and Knot to day conditioner, Kinky Curly curly custard natural gel. These product’s have a higher price point’s then the Jane Carter solutions but I have to say it does what it says it will do.

I personally cannot live without my Kinky Curly Custard. Sometimes I use the Jane Carter Solution shampoo and conditioner with the Kinky Curly if I run out of the Kinky Curly shampoo and conditioner being that they are cheaper and they do the same thing. Just to save me some money.

You can find the Kinky Curly Products at Whole Foods and Vitamin shoppe as well as any other beauty supply, or health stores in your area so don’t forget to Google. Selected Target Stores. Kinky Curly Website Store Click Here

The Aveda Hair Care Concept and Experience

11 Oct

Aveda features a full line of quality cosmetics, accessories, and products from Aveda.  

Pure plant-sourced, Aveda all but began the organic trend in hair care more than twenty years ago. Aveda texture lotions are infused with organic marshmallow root. Air-infused technology propels Aveda hair spray. Aveda shampoos and conditioners are made with complex natural aromas that change your mood as you change your hair. 


Experience the spirit within leaf, stem, petal and root. The living world of nature is presented in cleansers, hydrators and caring blends for face and body. Aveda plant-derived ingredients help rebalance, create clarity and radiance – enhancing your skin’s overall well-being.

Nut-seed pigment from Brazil, cinnamon from Madagascar, ripe berry anti-oxidants—just some of the natural ingredients infused into Aveda makeup for face, eyes and lips. Colors that reflect the richness of nature’s palette; formulas made luscious with conditioning plant oils. Aveda is caring for your skin, and the Earth.

Aveda pure flower and plant aromas may be the planet’s most exquisite and memorable. Picked for peak aroma extraction, they vary subtly and delightfully from bottle to bottle, season to season. Which rare aroma does your body choose today?

Get in touch with what’s real. Take time to nurture yourself—with yoga, meditation or time spent in nature. To inspire you: Aveda personal practices and aroma rituals help tension slip away.


Experience Aveda amazing body treatments with mineral salts and essential oils, followed by aromatherapy body massage.

Aveda Botanical Skin Resurfacing – Our hands-on approach and the power of Tourmaline smoothes skin texture, reduces the appearance of fine lines and diminishes pore size while significantly increasing radiance. All with less irritation than traditional microdermabrasion.

Caribbean Therapy Body Treatment – A rejuvenating and nurturing hydrotherapy treatment that uses the healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean to create inner calm and renew the body and senses. Treatment begins with a dry exfoliation, followed by a warm seaweed back and foot masque to smooth and detoxify. A restorative scalp, face and body massage completes this island-inspired experience.

Splash of Lavender – A gentle whole body exfoliation followed by a relaxing lavender infused hot oil body and scalp massage.

Aqua Polish – A full body exfoliation and refinement of your skin using the therapeutic benefits of marine elements such as natural mineral sea salts, along with skin conditioning oils to gently scrub your skin to a silky radiance.

Body polish – Rinse away fatigue and dullness with this total body exfoliation. Customize with your choice of sensory aroma.

Customized Body Masque – A full body exfoliation rich in minerals that eliminate surface impurities, allowing for a complete moisturizing treatment. A warm customized herbal mask is complemented with a warm towel and completed with your personalized body moisturizer.

Caribbean Therapy Hand and Foot Treatment – A rejuvenating and nurturing treatment that uses the healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean to improve the condition of nails, cuticles and hands or feet. Add it to any Manicure or Pedicure treatment.


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