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Shop Accessories 7 Chunky Knits Bundle Up In Sweater Style Pieces For Winter/Fall

3 Oct

Wool Bag with Leather

Gerard Darel



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Orly Genger Waxed Cord And Chain Necklace

By Jaclyn Mayer


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Wooden Ships Wool Acrylic Mohair Mittens

By Paola Buendia


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What’s Missing In Your Closet? Ten Top Fashion Essential’s For The Fall/ Winter Season

2 Oct


Blu Moon Free Love Maxi

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Maxi Dress

“A style that’s as comfortable as it is fun.”


Christin Michaels Melanie Dolman Sweater

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Layering Piece

“Every closet needs a layering piece for those crisp fall days.”


Prada Nappa Fringe Convertible Tote

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Fringe Bag

“The easiest way to get that boho trend.”


Designer Taffeta Cocktail Dress

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Colorful Party Dress

“Pair it with Fuchsia heels and make a statement.”


Jessica Simpson Platform Pumps

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Pop Color

“Find them in great accent colors to add to any outfit.”


Jeffrey Campbell Zeke Shoe in Black

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Wedge Shoes

“Tell your feet to be thankful that this comfy, yet cute, trend will carry on for fall.”


Burberry – Short Double Breasted Trench Coat

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Neutral Color Jacket

“Step aside black, neutral is the basic for this season.”


Siwy Anita Flare Jean in Spirited

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Flared Jeans

“Jeans are an absolute fall essential. Always.”


Michele Relevé Diamond Rose Gold

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Rose Gold

“This fall, rose gold is the color to go to when choosing your accessories.”


Alexander McQueen Wing Travel Scarf Chiffon

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Printed Scarf

“Adds pop of color to a simple dress or any outfit when tied around a handbag.”

Fill in the missing pieces in your closet with recommendations for this Falls’ Top Ten Fashion Essentials.

Adi Bakshi Fashion Scarves: Hot trend For Fall/Winter

10 Nov

Adi Bakshi fashion scarves are made to look effortlessly chic with the simple fasten of a button. The perfect women’s scarf, Adi’s designer scarves collection ranges from chiffon scarves, knit scarves and cotton scarves with many unique scarf patterns to ensure that you’ll get the perfect, slouchy look with every wear.

I stumbled across this awesome site. Full of awesome scarves and many various items that this website carries.

Of course the person I am I love to share a good find!

I absolutely love these beautiful scarves. I am going to order me a few. I love scarves like this very stylish and chic!

Fall/Winter must have. So check out the link it will be posted to the bottom and add a few to your Winter wardrobe. Scarves is and important accessory as well as a need to keep us warm through the cold weather season. So why not be stylish!

Adi Bakshi fashion scarves

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott DiSick On Their Way To QVC

25 Oct

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott DiSick  Photos: Wenn

Look who’s walking the street’s of New York City on her way to Qvc to go live with sister Khloe.

Looking fashionably stylish for the fall in a black thin motorcycle jacket wrapped up to her neck in a olive green scarf. Look’s like Kourtney Kardashian has her hands full with that huge motorcycle designer handbag that looks bigger then she does.

You have to respect she takes time out to get to know her fan’s in NYC. She shouldn’t have a problem opening up that New York store location “Dash”.

I have to say that’s one of my favorite handbag’s of all times. That bag is making her look rather thin then she normally appears to be. Kourtney we love your curves!!!!! I seriously hope she’s done with all the weight dropping. She look’s absolutely fine before. No matter what she’s always going to be beautiful and stylish.

Now for her man Scott DiSick? He looks fabulous in his tailored made suit. I have to say I don’t think she’s getting rid of this guy anytime soon. Maybe he’s the reason why she’s dropped so much weight between baby Mason, and man baby that’s enough to make anyone stress out!

Love your boot’s to Kourt!

Fall Clothing 2010/2011

9 Oct

We all want to look fashionable but this is impossible without knowing modern tendencies in the fashion world.

Although the turtleneck seems to be one of the clothing items that simply cannot be sexy we say that sexy turtleneck is a hot trend for Autumn/ Winter 2010/ 2011 season. Everything depends on how you wear it. Try to mix colors and add some funky accessories to your look and the turtleneck will change from the very dull to a stylish piece.

What are some of your favorite Fall/Winter trends?

Zara Fall 2010-2011

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