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Young Girls Dying To Be Skinny: Anorexia & Bulimia

22 Jan

In a fast world like today’s, we are facing too many environmental challenges. Problems like global warming have been a popularly discussed topic no matter where we go. There are more personal issues like health disorders. There are very few people who die naturally because of aging. We are constantly facing complex health hazards like strokes, cancer, tuberculosis, tumors, and other health issues.

With so much of awareness, there still continues to be a lot of subtle issues in health that show up all of a sudden and scare us. The need to stay trim and wanting to stay young has lead to complex issues that have been termed as anorexia and bulimia nervosa.

Anorexia and bulimia nervosa are eating disorders have been diagnosed with most youngsters in European and American countries. The ability to stay trim is rather an art than a blessing. People choose the easiest way to look fit and skinny.

Anorexia is an eating disorder where individuals starve to death or to simply starve their system, depriving their body of the essential nutrients. In simple words, it means not eating enough or rather choosing to starve in order to stay fit or appear trim. The body, when not given enough food, starts to feed on whatever is internally available to a stage where there is total depletion of vitamins and nutrients. This is a hazardous disorder that can lead to various complications like coma and is fatal in most cases. Read More….

Written By: Kadeine Washington
Source: Open Talk Magazine  12/12/2010 00:14:00

Have You Put Friends, Relationships, Kids Over Your Happiness?

8 Dec

Whether you realize it or not, loss of identity occurs to many stay-at-home moms. Their entire lives are centered around taking care of everyone’s needs, sometimes twenty-four hours a day because time clocks do not exist in this job.

I share with you my personal experience of how one can lose themselves. As well as share with you how to gain that power back into your life that existed before kids, and marriage. By taking the blinder’s off. You can see the truth of your life. How it’s unfolded.

Losing yourself to make others happy is true falseness with oneself. Stop being controlling and coming up with the excuses no one does it better then you. The more you take control the more out of control your life becomes. The more overwhelmed you begin to get as time goes on living this way.

Learn to gain power back over your life. So that you can live the life that you truly dream t of as a kid as well as have a life of complete fulfillment.

You deserve to be happy like everyone else! Ask yourself the question are you happy!?

If your exhausted from being the best cheerleader for everyone in your life. Nothing to yourself. You need to get the control back into your life. So that you can be happy again and have the fulfillment we all desire in life.

So please watch my video. I share with you my brief life experience of how everyone has been more important to me. I am everything to everyone else and was nothing to myself.

I of course no longer feel this way. I learned to take control and spread my time more reasonably. I know no matter what I am a good person. That alone is enough for me.

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