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Actress: Nicole Kidman’s CMT Music Awards Dress Fashion Disaster!

9 Jun

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Nicole Kidman’s CMT Music Awards dress really stood out on the red carpet. And for all the wrong reasons.

Nicole Kidman, what were you thinking?

Kidman, who is usually impeccably dressed for all events, perhaps was trying to show off a more fun side of herself in a dress that can only be described as an ugly mess.

Up top, horizontal stripes in an emerald green and vibrant blue weren’t entirely bad, but somewhere around the waist, things went terribly wrong.

Horizontal turned diagonal, then there was a zig zag thing and a brown skirt that ended in a funky sheer hemline.

The shoes? All kinds of wrong. Were they blue or purple? Either way, they didn’t work.

Everyone is allowed a fashion disaster once in awhile and this certainly fits the bill!

Kidman’s dress was designed by Proenza Schouler; she’s wearing Pierre Hardy shoes.

What do you think of Nicole Kidman’s interesting fashion choice for the CMT Music Awards? A hit… or a total miss?


Swimwear Trends To Watch Out For In Spring/Summer 2011

1 Jun

Michael Kors Belted Halter, $239, available at Bergdorf Goodman; Fogal 497 Portofino Coral Swimsuit, $131.58, available at Pret a Beaute; Marc by Marc Jacobs Arielle Bloom Swimsuit, $164, available at Saks.

BCBG Hampton Ruffle Top, $78, and Bottom, $68, available at BCBG; Full Tilt Neon Swimsuit Top and Bottoms, $19.99 each, available at Tilly’s; Blasting Rock One Piece, $218, available at Free People.

Metallic Sheens
Moonlight Shore Angel Bandeau Bikini, $44, available at Roxy; Zimmermann Lyre Lyre Frill Bikini, $115, available at Zimmermann; Gottex Plunging Metallic One-Piece, $168, available at Bloomingdale’s.

Flattering Ruching
J.Crew Ruched One-Piece, $88, available at J.Crew; Seventh Wonderland Te Amo one piece, $155, available at Seventh Wonderland; Reiss Nina Suit, $55, available at Reiss.

Swimwear is one of the few things that we end up replacing and updating each season since we exhaust each and every opportunity to get into those babies. Therefor, by the end of the warm months, we and our suit of choice have been in enough photos on Facebook together to warrant a relationship status update. That’s why, when picking out a suit to live in this summer, we like to go a little trendy. Check out picks for the top swimsuits of the season, and which 2011 swimwear trends to watch out for. Here’s to making a splash!

High Heel’s Important to Every Woman’s Fashion Style

30 May

High heels are an important part of many women`s fashion world. It is not uncommon to see women with dozens of high heeled shoes as they almost become a collection. As men get excited about sports, women have their shoes and high heeled shoes are worth getting excited about. They come in lots of styles and can be one of the sexiest items a girl will wear. There are many different kinds of high heel shoes and sometimes it`s hard to know what type looks good with what outfit and when it is appropriate to wear particular styles.

As high heel shoes continue to change their styles and colors with each new season, it can often be hard to know what looks good and when. The round toe high heeled shoe is a lower heeled shoe that almost has a dressy yet casual appeal to it. Many tall women prefer this type of shoe because it doesn`t make them feel even taller than they already are. They are also worn for comfort and ease, as there is no special trick for walking in them.

This particular shoe can be worn with dress pants using nylon, or a skirt using nylon or even a dress. This is not a completely dressy looking shoe so it is not recommended to be worn somewhere formal. With the exception being that you are super tall and do not want to tower over your date.

Another great high heeled shoe is the platform shoe. This shoe can have a large heel on it and looks very formal. It can be worn out to clubs, restaurants and any evening function that is very dressed up. It can also be worn during the day to special functions such as weddings and anniversary parties. It can be worn to work if you work at a place where everyone is dressed up. It is a shoe with a bold statement so don`t be surprised if you get a few looks from people as you walk in them. Some people will admire your shoes while others might wonder why you would wear something so tall at work. These shoes are usually worn with nylon but can also be worn without, if you have nice looking legs. Some people put tanning creams on their legs to make them look nicer in heels.

Peep toes are a nice looking shoe, where there is a mid to high heel and an opening at the bottom for toes. This shoe can be worn with or without nylons and looks great with dresses and skirts. It is most often seen worn at night or during the day to formal events. It can be worn at work as well, but as long as your outfit matches your shoes.

Pointed high heeled shoes are an excellent choice for women who want a little edge to their shoes. They look crisp and clean and look great with any look. They can be worn with pants and nylons, skirts and dresses. This type of shoe is most often seen with nylons. This shoe can be worn at night and during the day. It can range from being super sexy, to professional casual. The heel can range from mid to high in length.

High heeled shoes look amazing with many outfits and can make a dramatic effect. With all of the colors and styles available it is no wonder that most women love their shoes.

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